Robotic weeder takes over from herbicides

Carre Anatis robot weeder

Mechanical weeders fell out of use when targeted herbicides arrived, but with the build-up of undesirable ground chemicals, the robots are set to make a comeback. Mechanical weeding has obvious appeal for organic farmers, they deliver a safer weed control method. But in addition, as herbicides are becoming less effective, mainstream growers are also looking […]

Robots herd cattle and pick broccoli

Humans have been farming for thousands of years since the first crops were planted and animals began being domesticated during the Mesolithic era. But technology could soon be squeezing us out of our traditional roles as farmers, as robots take to the fields. Source: Daily Mail UK A robot that is capable of herding cattle and pulling trailers through […]

Weeding by mechanical hand

Robots have been slowly creeping on to vegetable farms, but as yet most have been small machines not capable of coping with the rigours of working on bigger operations. Source: Farmers Weekly UK French-based firm Naïo Technologies reckons it has the answer, though. It’s just launched a beefed-up version of its autonomous Oz weeding robot designed specifically for […]