Rocks Gone crushes rocks and adds to crop yields and land value

Rocks Gone Reefinator H4 is designed to dig up common laterite rock or limestone, crush it and create cropping quality soil down to 600mm deep ideal for sowing to crops or pasture Since the release of the Rocks Gone Reefinator in 2015 it has been an instant hit with farmers looking to renovate rock-encrusted land […]

Rocks Gone Reefinator H4 turns rock into soil along with farmers fortune 

Farmers are buying properties that were once overburdened with rocks and turning the soil into pasture and crop-producing  The Reefinator H4 gives growers the chance to transform land that has been eroded down to the bedrock to be converted back into productive soil Normally a centimetre of soil can take 100 years to be created […]

Reefinator from Rocks Gone is adding to land values in several ways

And while the immediate benefit from the Reefinator is opening up more ground for cropping it is also increasing the soil’s water holding capacity reflecting in higher yields The Reefinator by Rocks Gone debuted in 2014, and ever since it has offered a soil amelioration method that has prompted a great deal of interest, and […]

Reefinator Rocks Gone collects another award

The Rocks Gone Reefinator has been awarded the Growth Category winner at the WA Innovator of the Year awards 2017. Rocks Gone founder and inventor, Tim Pannell was thrilled to receive the award. Many of the soils farmed in Australia can be classed as just a thin layer of dirt that in many cases covers […]