Syngenta Group reports full-year sales of $32.2 billion with a $4.6 billion profit

Syngenta was boosted in Q4 of their full-year results from continued demand for innovative crop protection products and double-digit growth in China Coming off a previous record season the latest full-year results for Syngenta Group sales dipped slightly by 4% but at $32.2 billion there is still plenty of profit in being a chemical supply […]

Syngenta introduces EQUENTO® with a novel mode of action to control soil pests

Syngenta Crop Protection division expects its EQUENTO® seed treatment to bring next-level sustainability in pest control while promoting healthy plant establishment Syngenta Crop Protection’s Seedcare business has introduced EQUENTO®, a novel seed treatment that aims to provide control of various soil pests and help growers increase the sustainability of their farm operations. EQUENTO® is based […]

Syngenta and FMC announce breakthrough to control grass weed in rice

First herbicide with a novel mode of action in over three decades is set to be a game changer for millions of rice farmers Syngenta Crop Protection and FMC Corporation have formed an agreement to bring to market a breakthrough technology to control grass weeds in rice in Asia. The new active ingredient Tetflupyrolimet, discovered and […]

Syngenta releases VICTRATO to reduce grower losses by $150 billion a year

VICTRATO offers a seed treatment that targets damaging nematodes and diseases in many crops Syngenta Crop Protection’s Seedcare business has unveiled VICTRATO®, a seed treatment technology with a combination of nematode and disease control for growers looking to increase the quality and yield of their crops. VICTRATO® contains TYMIRIUM® technology, and as such is expected to provide […]

Syngenta Group records strong 6 month US$12 billion sales revenue

The Syngenta Group consists of four business units, Syngenta Crop Protection, ADAMA, Syngenta Seeds and Syngenta Group China and was only formed on 18 June 2020. Combines sales results for the four business units topped just over US$12 billion for 6 months and this was a 2% combined increase over the same period last year […]