Continental TractorMaster tyre aces tests

  In testing conducted by the German Agricultural Society (DLG), a pair of Continental TractorMaster tyres won out over all comparable candidates from other well-known European premium tyre manufacturers in terms of performance, fuel consumption, ground coverage, and drive efficiency. The DLG test series comprises multiple tests of the efficiency of agricultural tractor tyres in […]

It’s already the proven tyre range for every farmer

The biggest tyre distributor in Australia is taking on board more brands and has some specialised dealer positions to fill in various locations around Australia. If you’re a current or budding farm machinery or tyre dealer, Tyres4U is your one stop tyre, tube and wheel wholesaler with good, better and the best tyres for tractors, […]

The global farm tyre market

The growth in end user industries is expected to increase the consumption of farm tyres and the growth in agricultural industry is expected to boost demand for farm tyres. Source: AFDJ eNews In addition, rising demand for agricultural machinery from emerging economies of Asia Pacific is expected to further boost demand. However, availability of substitutes and fluctuating raw […]

Air pressure key to tractor tyre performance

Most farmers know a tractor runs better and more economically when correct tyre pressures are maintained. But do you maintain correct pressure? According to tractor tyre experts, the incidence of under-inflation of farm tractor tyres is immense. Source: The Weekly Times Too often farmers take the “she’ll be OK” or “I think they’re about right” approach. It’s akin to needlessly […]