Winter grass resistance to glyphosate makes it a weed to watch

Winter grass (Poa annua), once considered a low-key weed, is coming under increasing scrutiny, with glyphosate-resistant populations being confirmed in Victoria. Dr Peter Boutsalis, from the University of Adelaide says the weed has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Testing has shown at least 20 populations of winter grass exhibiting resistant to simazine […]

Broadacre broadleaf Dow-ned

Australian broadacre graziers are now able to effectively fight and control broadleaf weeds with the new ForageMax Arylex active 5 litre package. Source: AFDJ eNews Designed specifically for larger intensive grazing operations, ForageMax is registered for use on forage brassica crops (turnips and rape), which produce excellent livestock weight gains in lambs and cattle. With […]