SDLG loaders offer reliability across the whole range

Reliable performance isn’t expensive to build, a fact SDLG has been proving for decades. Their range of wheel loaders deliver simple operation and easy upkeep at some of the lowest prices in the industry. We run you through the current range that is proving popular for farmers and ag contractors due to their low-cost price […]

Hitachi ZW310-5 wheel loader allows Jeffries to lead the way

South Australian company Jeffries’ add a Hitachi hybrid excavator and wheel loader to help reduce on fuel emission. From humble beginnings carting horse manure for nurseries, South Australian company Jeffries has since grown into a specialised leader of organics recycling by developing world-leading organic recycling technologies. Today, specialising in the creation of valuable landscaping, gardening […]

SDLG LG959 wheel loader a match for Queensland heatwave

Much of eastern Australia has just sweated through an exceptionally warm and dry summer but in south-west Queensland farmers are still talking about February 2017 when the mercury topped 47C. And so too is Chinese manufacturer SDLG. The company is claiming an unqualified victory for its LG959 wheel loader at a cattle station in the […]

LiuGong 856H Wheel Loader is made for Australia

LiuGong’s 856H wheel loader has been tailored for the local market, bringing with it half a century of LiuGong technology and innovation. The 856H wheel loader marks the start of a new era at LiuGong and introduces a high level of productivity and serviceability to Australian operators. The 856H is powered by a 162kW (220hp) […]

SDLG wheel loader proves itself in punishing tropical climate

Earlier this year, a heat wave saw the mercury touch 47.2˚C in southwest Qld on the hottest-ever February day in the state. As heat records continued to be broken, there was a notable impact on business, but one cattle station owner had reasons to be cheerful: no matter how hot it got, his SDLG LG959F […]