Tecfarm CT-Series Chaff carts control weeds and feed stock

The Farmtec CT30 is a 30 tonnes model ideal for running along 3m tramlines has a fully function touch-screen monitor with unique heap height control

The dual benefit of summer stock feed and non-chemical weed control makes running a chaff cart the logical choice for mixed farms.

Weed seed banks are kept in check and livestock have an on-farm feed source, easily accessed without energy wasted foraging over large areas.

Controlled trials and owner experience indicate good protein and nutrition value in most crop residues with stock often gaining condition while grazing chaff heaps over summer.

Reduced hand feeding costs and increased yields due to better weed control means the capital outlay is quickly recovered.

Building on the proven reliability of the Smartcart – working in the paddock since 2011, the CT-Series has been developed with affordablilty and simplicity in mind, making the trusted Tecfarm chaff cart more accessible than ever.

The CT-Series carts run on 3m tramlines and is offered in 30 and 40cu.m capacities.

These lighter, more compact carts are cost effective to transport and suit a wider range of farmers, including those with smaller harvesters or concerns about width on the road.

Each cart is equipped with a full function touch-screen monitor with unique heap height control allowing for easy spraying over heaps and with minimal wool contamination.

Standard equipment also includes a solid hitch extending to the header front axle and this provides a secure attachment to any harvester.

Recent release models now incorporate a longer chassis and frame-less front belt design. This allows tighter turns with less chance of damage and greater clearance for long unloading augers.

Tecfarm’s commitment to continual product development and a strong emphasis on after-sales service ensures they remain Australia’s first choice in chaff carts.

Find out more about Tecfarm. Call Matt on tel: 0447 180 958 or Tom on 0428 611 309, or email: sales@tecfarm.com.au or see the web at: tecfarm.com.au