TFI Tracks first call for rubber tracks and undercarriage parts

TFI Tracks has added SLY tracks to its arsenal and this additional makes it one of the largest suppliers for tracks and track systems

TFI Tracks has announced a partnership with SLYAGRI, a UK based company who has been manufacturing agricultural rubber tracks for over 15 years. SLY tracks operate successfully across Europe and the United States.

This will be an ideal industry option to meet expectations of higher performance levels in the agriculture industry with operators required to do more in less time. TFI Tracks will be able to assist with these extra work demands.

Track equipped machines are becoming larger and heavier. They now come with a higher capacity, leading to larger implements meaning fewer passes in the paddock.

Traditional wheeled machines generate higher soil compaction, more ground contact points and paddocks require more repairs to soil structure at the end of each season. Wheeled machines also cause mobility and accessibility issues in the paddock when conditions are less than favourable.

This results in ever growing unpredictability and can impact on the ground with farmers and contractors losing valuable time during their operations. Loss of time means loss of revenue.

The biggest track tractor ranges are well covered by TFI Tracks as it can supply tracks for all the most popular models

TFI Tracks believe their range of tracks and track systems are one piece of the puzzle to help farmers and contractors manage these situations bringing greater opportunities to increase the yield of their operation.

The build of Sly tracks encompasses a 4-ply structure and either 5.4 or 6.5mm helically wound continuous main cables which give the tensional strength to the track.

Because SLY has a team of engineers overseeing every step of production they can provide a warranty on the Enduratrax product line which is comparable to all the major industrial players, this being a 4-year pro rata warranty.

SLY tracks are manufactured by compression moulding which is the same process used when your tractor tyres are manufactured. Layers of material are processed and laid into position, and then the curing process takes place in between mould plate surfaces to give the final tread and guiding block shape. Single piece cure means tread and guiding blocks are moulded in a single step ensuring a very strong and durable bond.

TFI Tracks has six major locations throughout Australia and this enables them to deliver tracks or parts within 24hrs in most cases.

TFI also supply tracks and pads for excavators, compact track loaders, positracs and other machines.

Contact TFI tracks on 1800 982 466 for rubber tracks and undercarriage parts for the following machines: