Timetable announced for NRSIEE regs

After a decade in planning, the government has released the details and a timetable for the implementation of NRSIEE regulations. Source: AFDJ eNews

Gary Fooks from the Blue Sky Alliance spoke on the proposed Non-Road Spark Ignition Engines and Equipment Regulations (NRSIEE).

“Emissions standards for everything from mowers to outboards and petrol blowers to generators have been in the pipeline since 2005,” Mr Fooks said. 

Australia will harmonize to USA/EU standards commencing 1 July 2018, for all spark ignition (petrol, kero, LPG) engines up to 18kW (25Hp) in outdoor power equipment, and marine engines of any size. 

With a two-stroke mower pushing out forty times the emissions of a modern car per hour it’s no surprise that we will only see four stroke products in ground supported OPE. A more relaxed standard for handheld equipment like chainsaws will still see the better quality two strokes survive the Rules. 

Nothing owned by the public will be ‘banned’ by the NRSIEE standards; retailers and wholesalers have a year after the law commences to retail non-compliant products in stock. After 1 July 2019 anything like a two stroke mower will need to be destroyed or exported so please don’t get trapped with a stockpile, Mr Fook said. 

Standards for other engines including diesel are in the pipeline.