Torsus Praetorian 4WD takes a bus load across all terrain

The 4WD Torsus Praetorian off-road bus is designed to get workers where they need to be no matter the terrain or conditions

If you ever wanted a bus to take you across the roughest ground ever en-counted, we have found it for you. Its the innovative Torsus Praetorian 4WD off-road bus.

Created in partnership with the Werkemotion industrial design studio, the Torsus Praetorian is aimed at transporting workers and equipment safely across the world’s harshest environments.

The bus is based on an upgraded heavy-duty MAN chassis and is powered by a MAN engine and drivetrain.

From the Michelin off-road tyres, to the Line-X™ military grade coating on body parts, Praetorian is engineered to take on any terrain, in any conditions, anywhere in the world.

Vakhtang Dzhukashvili is founder and CEO of Torsus and responsible for putting together a skilled work team and design partners at Werkemotion, who together, helped produce the world’s toughest and most capable off-road bus, the Torsus Praetorian.

German commercial vehicle heavyweight, MAN has played a major role in the Praetorian’s success.

Once into difficult terrain the Torsus Praetorian has the advantage of 389mm of ground clearance, and boasts a 700mm clearance depth for water crossings

It was a master stroke that designers decided to fit a MAN D0836LFL40 in-line six-cylinder turbo-diesel because of this engines versatility.

The engine can be tweaked to satify emissions for every world market. Anywhere from Euro3 to Euro6 emissions compliance.

The engine produces 176kW (240hp) and 925Nm.

Drive to all four wheels is via a 12-speed MAN TipMatic automated manual transmission.

Once into difficult terrain the Torsus Praetorian has the advantage of 389mm of ground clearance, and boasts a 700mm depth for water crossings.

Aided further by a dual-range transfer case, a differential lock and solid Michelin XZL LT tyres 395/85 R20.

The Praetorian has seating for up to 35 people and room for a lot of gear.

The vehicle has a GVM of 13,500kg, with front and rear axle limits of 6300kg and 7800kg respectively.

This where the Pretorian gets its thrust. A MAN D0836LFL40 engine that produces 176kW (240hp) and 925Nm. A 6-speed manual transmission feeding the 4WD wheels running on parabolic front and rear springs

Features and Options

MAN D0836LFL40 Engine

6 Speed Manual Transmission or Automated Manual Option

Parabolic Front and Rear Springs

Fuel Tank 100L standard but option to 300L

Electronic Brake System

Heavy Duty Interior with PVC Floor

Exterior Body Protection

Super Single Wheels and Tyres

Praetorian has developed a vehicle to adaptable that it can be supplied in almost any configuration.

A right-hand drive format is available in addition to its standard factory run left-hand drive configuration.

Expect to pay around $250,000 landed in Australia.

Torsus is also planning to release a 4WD minibus with its Terrastorm off-roader soon to be debuted.

Founded in 2016 Torsus is an international company and team with its headquarters in the Czech Republic and manufacturing in a purpose-built factory in Slovakia.

It operates and sells in global markets to customers in Agriculture, heavy industry, utility and government service sectors.

The company works in partnership with MAN and VW on key chassis and powertrain technology to ensure durability.

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