Total offer farmer grease package with free grease gun

A free grease gun is part of an extensive product launch promotion being offered by Total Oil

Total Oil Australia has launched a range of premium quality grease’s and the Lube-Shuttle grease gun for farm operations.

With 100 years of grease manufacturing experience, Total is an Industry leader and one of a few manufactures able to produce advanced calcium sulphonate complex greases like the Ceran range of greases. These calcium sulphonate complex greases have advanced properties of outstanding water resistance, high load carrying and anti-wear properties.

With a drop point of over 300°C these greases can handle extremely high temperatures and still retain low temperature performance and corrosion resistance. The Ceran range is compatible with most common greases including Lithium and Lithium Complex allowing you to change from your current grease very easily.

Ceran XM220 from the range is a high temperature, multi-purpose extreme-pressure and water resistant, calcium sulfonate complex grease.  It is designed to handle a variety of applications, including wheel bearings, high speed industrial bearings, as well as general plant and chassis lubrication due to its advanced formulation and wide operating temperature range of 30 to 180°C.

Also consider Ceran XM220 Moly for outstanding load bearing capability and exceptional wear protection in extreme conditions where heavy and shock loads are experienced. And also Multis Complex HV2 multi-purpose lithium complex grease that is designed for extreme pressures and high temperatures found in general plant machinery and bearings.

Ceran XM 220, Ceran XM 220 Moly and Multis Complex HV2 are all available in Total’s 400g screw-in grease cartridge designed to fit the innovative one-hand action Lube-Shuttle grease gun that doesn’t require a spring loaded plunger. Being a pistol grip design the Lube-Shuttle can be operated with one hand for greasing in hard to reach places.

Total is offering a special launch offer. Purchase one carton* of either a Ceran XM 220/ Ceran XM 220 Moly or two cartons* of Multis Complex HV2 between 1 November and 31 December and receive a FREE Total Oil Lube-Shuttle grease gun (rrp $89). Or *400g Cartridges – Ceran XM 220, Ceran XM 220 Moly, Multis Complex HV 2. Offer runs until 31 December or while stock lasts.

To find out how a Total Oil Australia can assist you with a tailored grease solution, email, call Tollfree on 1800 TOTAL OIL (1800 868 256) or go to