Tyres to reduce operating costs, lessen soil compaction, with a higher load capacity

BKT has gone to unusual lengths to reveal its latest high power tractor tyre the Agrimax V-Flecto, they have been fitted onto a transparent tractor made from Plexiglas. Complete with an invisible operator – we assume.

This release method has focused plenty of attention on BKT’s Agrimax tyre range that claims to improve tractor performance on any type of terrain.

These are Agrimax V-Flecto’s claims to fame.

Reduced soil compaction. This is due to an optimised footprint and a 10per cent larger tread profile compared to a standard tyre of the same size.

Higher load capacity. Agrimax V-Flecto is able to maximise load capacity without changing inflation pressure. The Agrimax V-Flecto can carry up to 40per cent heavier loads compared to a standard tyre of the same size – and on the same rim.