Valtra tractors to offer smart glass display

The first head-up display for agricultural tractors will be available on Valtra N Series and T Series tractors before long as a means of providing a wide range of information to operators in a format not previously thought possible

The Valtra SmartGlass development is described as ‘robust and bright’ transparent display technology and is laminated inside the windscreen.

Tractor operators need to pay attention to many things while operating the tractor – observe surroundings, watch and control the implement, assess the work being done and be aware of machine status.

Valtra’s SmartGlass transparent display puts the most important information in the best location, says the manufacturer, to improve safety and the ergonomics of tractor operation.

The display can be used to show information appropriate to the work being carried out but would likely include ground or engine speed, engine and hydraulics temperature, fuel and diesel engine fluid (AdBlue) level, front loader position, implement height, and so on.

Valtra also plans to display information not directly related to the operation, such as incoming caller information from a mobile phone, alerts highlighting a vehicle overtaking on the road or persons nearby in the farm yard.

Obstacles and dangerous driving on sloping ground could also be parts of the safety alerts package, and other functions related to AGCO Fuse technologies, such as Auto Guide steering, are also envisaged.

Valtra SmartGlass for tractor data display is expected to become available on N Series and T Series machines as part of the Valta Unlimited options range within the next 12 months in the northern hemisphere, with the more advanced features planned for introduction later.

The Valtra Connect telemetry system will provide access to tractor location and status, record its activities, and provide data on its well-being, paddock and road movements, service scheduling and so on

Meanwhile, Valtra Connect telemetry is being introduced – initially in selected European countries before being expanded further afield – as a means of remotely gathering data on tractor status, condition and operation.

Connect can collect data from up to 154 different sources on the tractor, tapping into the CANbus electronics network and on-board computer to transmit it to a protected server.

The Valtra four-cylinder N Series and six-cylinder T Series shown here will be available with the SmartGlass windscreen information display in northern hemisphere markets at first

Users can then access the data on an office computer or by using an app for a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet computer, which enables real time monitoring of, for example, the tractor’s fuel level and exact location do that re-fuelling supplies can be organised in timely fashion.

Comprehensive tractor data from oil temperatures to boost pressure and pto speed to gearbox functions can be transmitted simply and inexpensively, for farm records and to analyse the efficiency of working practices.

The data remains the property of the tractor owner, who can decide who else might have access to it.

But there are benefits from sharing at least selected data with service

dealers and their technicians (and also the maker) to get an early warning of issues and help diagnose problems so that correct remedies and parts can be prepared.

It also has the practical potential to proactively schedule routine servicing to keep tractors in tip-top condition and enable service technicians to locate tractors that need to be serviced or repaired away from the farmyard.

To initiate the system, owners of new tractors will simply register them on the Valtra website; but older tractors can also be equipped by a qualified service technician with the hardware required for Valtra Connect.

Call Valtra for the anticipated smart glass tractor delivery schedule on tel:

03 9313 0313.