Veramaris Pets ingredient is eyeing the Australian market for expansion

Veramaris is a biotech specialising in natural marine algal oil, rich in EPA & DHA Omega-3, has been given the go-ahead to sell the feed ingredient in all fifty US States, but is not yet approved for Australia.

The Veramaris Petsingredient, a marine microalgae oil, had been the subject of an Animal GRAS notification that has now been evaluated by the FDA in the US.

Following this process, it has received a Letter of “No Questions” from the FDA’s Centre of Veterinary Medicine’s Division of Animal Feeds.

This means that processors may now incorporate the product into dog food, sold in the US.

Veramaris Pets Algal Oil is a new source of Omega-3 for pet food that naturally provides two to five times more EPA & DHA Omega-3 fatty acids compared to fish oil.

In fact, one kg of the Veramaris oil helps preserve 60kg of wild fish needed for an equal amount of EPA & DHA.

Pet Food Brands can now become sustainable and reduce their marine footprint to significantly contribute to UN’s important Sustainable Development Goals.

Commenting on the US market breakthrough, Veramaris’ Jeff Alix, Global Head of Business Development for Companion Animals said, “We are delighted to have received this latest approval.

“It could only happen because of the time and energy devoted by our people and the significant financial investment from the business. This was a major undertaking and underlines the commitment of Veramaris in this very important market.

“Not only is Veramaris Pets sustainable, it also provides a concentration of EPA & DHA Omega-3 exceeding 50% and can be used in dog foods that are sold across the US.” Jeff Alix added.

Veramaris Pets is the first of its kind in pet food, a natural, rich and sustainable alternative to fish oil.

Veramaris claims the product helps pets enjoy long, healthy and happy lives. This natural marine algal oil is made from microalgae, grown in a US waste-free production facility, proven to contribute to the health of both pets and our oceans. 

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