Veratin partners with vegetablesWA to develop its soil fertiliser supplement further

Veratin Limited, a stock market listed multi-industry manufacturer with a suite of sustainable high-quality products has announced that it has signed a trial partnership agreement with vegetablesWA (“Partnership”) to perform demonstrations and trials with vegetable growers in Western Australia.

Veratin partnership with vegetablesWA will include performing demonstrations and trials with WA vegetable growers to look at the performance of the Company’s world-first soil system developed under the Company’s Verigrow brand of products. This system utilises protein-derived amino acids sourced from low-grade wool to create soil fertiliser, improver, supplements and wetter.

The Partnership will be for one year and the trials will commence in 2024. The trials will monitor the performance of the Company’s Verigrow products on soil health, crop yield and taste of the crops including lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes and fruit trees at two orchard sites in consultation with Stonefruit WA.

vegetableWA will monitor the trials through an agronomist and regional development officer. The results of the trials will be published in vegetableWA’s e-newsletter, WA Grower, and via a media release.

Founder and Executive Chairman, Dr Ramiz Boulos says, “Veratin is excited to partner with vegetablesWA and WA vegetable growers to improve soil health. The importance of natural-based or bio-based products for soil health is only going to grow and increase, and we believe farmers will see faster growth, improved yields and better soil quality.”

To learn more about the Verigrow® range of products, visit the Verigrow website here.

This announcement was authorised for release by the Board of the Company.

About Veratin Limited

Veratin Limited (NSX: VTN) is a leading Australian organic chemicals manufacturer with a suite of IP protected sustainable and high-quality products made from upcycled waste wool for use in cosmetics, fertilisers, biodegradable materials, food, and nutraceuticals.

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