Volvo L25 Electric wheel loader leads in clean cost effective farming

Volvo Construction Equipment has implemented a significant shift in farm jobbing with the release of the L25 Electric Wheel Loader

The Volvo L25 Electric wheel loader marks a significant shift in the agricultural industry toward a cleaner and healthier environment for operators

The release of the battery-powered Volvo L25 Electric compact wheel loader unleashes the quiet and clean power that many farmers will find ideal to move large items and bulk amounts of material, quietly around livestock sheds.

There is plenty of handling capacity available with its 1.2-cub.m standard bucket with a forklift, grapple or material handling arm.

And with zero exhaust emissions and significantly low noise levels, this machine is ideal for working in or near any sheds or in natural environments.

And because the L25 Electric doesn’t have an oil engine, there’s some big savings here with no need for any related maintenance products like oil, oil filters, diesel particulate filters or diesel exhaust fluid.

Operators get a world-class cab that includes a wide entry and once inside a high comfort level with excellent visibility and no exhaust fumes that is all further enhanced with a whisper-quiet noise level

Unlike counterpart diesel models that burn fuel even when while idling, this L25 electric wheel loader turns off when not in use.

And as a result of hours saved also contribute to better residual value in the long run.

The L25 Electric’s performance is comparable to or better than its conventional diesel equivalent, with a breakout force of 1693-kg/metre and fork payload of 80% of 2000-kg.

The handy onboard charger enables the L25 Electric to charge within six hours from a 240V outlet. 

Let’s break down the attributes of Volvo’s L25 Electric compact wheel loader to find just how far we can push this model into work.

Gather the material quickly with a 1.2-cub.m handling capacity and a breakout force of 1693-kg/metre and fork payload of 80% of 2000-kg

Electric powertrain thrust

At its core is a Lithium-Ion 48V battery harbours a 40kWh capacity that ensures the Volvo L25 Electric wheel loader can handle up to 5-tonne capacity.

With direct driveline power of 36kW (49hp) the L25 Electric has a between jobs and top road speed of 20kph. While the hydraulics flow is 55-litres/min.

Offering this power source showcases Volvo’s dedication to environmental sustainability while also ensuring enhanced operational efficiency.

Reid Gibson, product manager of Electric and Sustainable Technologies at local distributor CJD Equipment explains further, “The L25 Electric employs a dual electric motor concept for optimal energy efficiency.

“One electric motor is exclusively allocated for the working hydraulics and steering, with peak power of 32kW (44hp).

“Meanwhile, the second electric motor is dedicated solely to the driveline, directly linked to the rear axle via the gearbox.

“This configuration guarantees peak efficiency in the drivetrain, with the electric motor in the driveline delivering a maximum power of 36kW (49hp),” Reid Gibson adds.

For farmers switching to a battery/electric powered wheel loader for the first time will find the L25 Electric is built to handle any type of farm jobbing.

The L25 Electric has been built to be versatile, it supports most attachment types and with zero exhaust emissions is ideal for working in or around livestock sheds and near any sensitive surroundings.

With the benefit of Its compact design, it can easily manoeuvre in tight spaces, while its robust construction ensures durability across heavy lifting up to 5-tonnes in varied applications.

The L25’s electric powertrain offers instantaneous torque control and that translates to a high level of responsiveness and controllability.

When comparing the Volvo L25 Electric to traditional diesel engine models there is a noticeable streamlining in the design with fewer moving parts, all equating to much lower maintenance costs.

Operators will be impressed with the high lifting and breakout forces that offer superior roll-back and dump angles.

The L25 Electric wheel loader stands out as an ideal machine for various bucket applications.

While its robust, rigid planetary axles support 100% mechanical differential locks on both front and rear axles, offer maximum traction and contribute to minimal tyre wear.

The Volvo L25 Electric delivers up to 6 hours of work from each charge and reduces maintenance by 30% due to the fully electrified power from two maintenance-free and water-cooled motors

Reduced maintenance requirements

A major plus for L25 Electric operators is the much-reduced maintenance requirements.

All streamlined due to its inherent maintenance-free electrical components and reduced need for hydraulic or engine oil.

Volvo engineers have played a part in ensuring the lubrication and maintenance points are easily accessible and this contributes to ease of maintenance.

In addition, a very proficient operator-to-machine Interface facilitates quick monitoring and supports intuitive operation.

“Across the Volvo electric range, there is a significant reduction in maintenance costs vs diesel equivalent models.

“The Volvo L25 Electric Wheel Loader distinguishes itself with easily accessible lubrication and maintenance points, all conveniently located at ground level.

Adding new wet-disc brakes has further reduced the need for maintenance,” product manager Reid Gibson explains.

Charging capabilities

Charging the L25 Electric will not hamper operators from getting a full shift, as the onboard charger enables a full charge in under six hours.

Optional fast off-board chargers further cater to jobbing situations that require faster charging, ensuring minimal downtime and enhanced productivity.

A welcoming side effect of making the transition to electric power brings with it a high level of comfort for operators.

The most obvious is the much-reduced noise levels and far less vibration as compared to a traditional diesel engine.

The day has come when every operator can work in a quiet and healthy cab without the risk of deadly exhaust particulate matter being emitted from diesel engines and not even disturb any livestock nearby

There is even a boost to safety when you consider the benefit of an electric park brake with hill-hold functionality. Overall, the benefits that come from going electric, contribute to a safer work environment.

According to product manager Reid Gibson, “Electric motors significantly reduce noise levels compared to traditional diesel engines.

“This improvement is complimented by a revamped hydraulic pump and the relocation of the main control valve, collectively contributing to a quieter operational environment.

“The reduced noise levels allow for easier communication on worksites and leads to a more comfortable and safe work environment,” Reid Gibson adds.

Sustainability ensured

Volvo’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through its partnership with CJD Equipment where comprehensive support and tailored solutions are available to meet every industry need.

With over thirty years of collaboration, CJD Equipment ensures the delivery of high productivity, fuel efficiency, and safety solutions nationwide.

The release of the Volvo L25 Electric wheel loader represents a paradigm shift towards sustainability and performance in farm handling equipment.

With its innovative design, efficient operation, and commitment to environmental stewardship, the L25 Electric now sets the standard for farm handlers.

The L25 Electric will always be remembered as paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable operation with fewer health consequences for operators.

For more information on the Volvo L25 Electric wheel loader, contact your local CJD dealer here, or see more at CJD Equipment here.