Wanted: Australia’s oldest Fire Chief

JP Jordan (John Paul) from Capertee Valley with his 28 year old Fire Chief

Although Australian Pump is a relatively newcomer to the Australian pump market, the Aussie Fire Chief has actually been in service in this country for many years. Source: AFDJ eNews

Previously marketed under the Pacific brand name before Australian Pump started, the Fire Chief set new standards for performance and longevity.

Now Aussie Pumps has a competition on to find the oldest operating Fire Chief in the market. The prize is a brand new Aussie Fire Chief with 6.5 hp GX200 Honda petrol engine.

“Since we started the competition early in the year, we have found machines that are 28 and even 30 years old that have been operating continuously and providing great customer service,” said Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia.

“They are fitted with the original Honda GX140 engine, with the first of the overhead valve single cylinders from Honda, and those engines still start first pull.”

Customers who have used the pumps for years are astonished at the way they just perform, year in, year out, even in a multitude of on-farm duties where they are called upon to perform.

“Our old Fire Chief has never missed a beat in 28 years,” said JP Jordan (John Paul) from Capertee Valley.

JP identified himself by contacting Aussie’s spare parts department looking for a new replacement suction port. After 28 years he has never had to replace a seal or an O-ring, and all he needed was a suction port because he had burred the thread on the suction intake.

That is probably a record in machinery longevity and low cost maintenance.

“What I like about the Chief is that it still performs just as well as when it was new,” Mr Jordan said.

“The Honda engine never misses a beat and the heavy-duty skids supplied as standard on all Aussie Fire Chief pumps means that it provides a stable platform to work off the back of the ute or even in rough terrain.”

Aussie’s pumps are superbly match-tested to the Honda engines to ensure that the engines are not overloaded when the pump is in operation. This extends the life of the engine and improves fuel economy.

The pumps hydraulic designs ensure high efficiencies and performance levels.

Mr Jordan’s pump is in the competition and now Aussie dealers around the country are looking for anybody with an Aussie Fire Chief pump that is older and still in operating condition who would like to enter the competition.

Winners will be decided by the end of April 2017 and the new pump awarded to the lucky winner.

“JP is in with a big chance,”said Mr Farrugia.

“Aussie and Honda, what a combination. It’s that Honda approved engine match program that really gets the best out of the product.”

Further information visit www.aussiepumps.com.au