Zetor courtship will reveal new Oz distributor

It has been the dream of farm veterans in cardigans to get back behind the wheel of what was one of the budget priced European tractor builds, Zetor. And now rumblings of Zetor’s search to find the ideal partner to distribute their range once again in Australia is expected to flush out a just perfect mix.

Many will be surprised at the leaps and bounds Zetor has achieved in its European build. Take for instance the Major Series, there are two base models with a four-cylinder engine and power of 44 or 56 (61 or 76hp). These tractors proved so popular in Europe they have been joined by a more up market HS80 model that it is able to cater for buyers that would normally only buy from the top badges.

There nothing missing here, a maximum speed of 40kph is ramped through a proven four-cylinder engine with displacement of 2.9-litres and engine power of 56kW (76hp), an upgraded transmission offers 24 forward gears and 12 reverse. Add to the four mechanical ratio gearbox a three-range splitter and a two-stage PowerShift torque multipler. In addition, the Major HS is equipped with hydraulic PowerShuttle that allows change of direction under load.

Inside the cab, the steering column can be adjusted in two directions, together with the steering wheel. The seat is comfortable with horizontal swivelling and gives the operator a dream ride.

The Major HS has plenty of interior storage space and the dashboard can be switched to display specific data. Eight exterior lights are sufficient for lighting the work area around the tractor in poor visibility.

Add to this a large 120-litre fuel tank that allows the tractor to work for longer without fuel stops, it is an ideal addition to any size farm.

Impressive as the Major is, Zetor veterans will also be surprised at the jump in power on offer in the new flagship Crystal range. Powered by 6.1-litre Deutz TCD engines with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology using AdBlue, they muster 106 and 120kW (144 and 163hp) of engine power.

These 24-valve, electronically regulated, common-rail diesel engines offer up to 38 per cent torque rise to keep them moving in the toughest of conditions. With low fuel consumption combined with a 300-litre fuel tank and 30-litre AdBlue tank, these tractors will work all day without a refill.

The hydraulic system runs a dual-pump system with a total flow of 120-lit/min. The rear linkage has 85-lit/min available, and with the assistance of two helper cylinders it has a lift capacity of 8,500kg. A Bosch electronic hitch control is standard while they also come with three mechanically controlled spools.

And while the European build doesn’t end there and continues to impress with a line-up of 27 models with power from 44 to 118kW (60 to 160hp), it is the beckoning of the Zetor Indian made Global Range that will urge many dealers to stock the badge once more.

These Indian-built Zetor Global models have been built to specifically target Asia and at first will consists of five simple mechanical tractors with power outputs from 37 to 59kW (50 to 80hp).

Expected to be identified as the 1045, 1055, 1060, 1065 and 1075 these models are powered by three and four-cylinder engines that are able to offer an ideal combination of power and low operation costs. And of course be easy to maintain.

Transmissions of the tractors are partly or fully synchronised, with the choice of eight-forward and two reverse or 12 forward and 12 reverse ratios.

All Zetor Global tractors are equipped with mechanically regulated hydraulics. The maximum lifting power is 2,600kg. Initially the range will offer only two-wheel drive, apart from the 1075 that can be specified in a four-wheel drive as well.

At first these tractors will be open ROPS only, but do offer roof protecting from the elements. The simple design allows easy access to all components and each tractor is equipped with a basic tool set.

The Zetor Global Range was designed for third world countries with no or low emissions standards, and as it pans out that is perfect for Australia. These models will never reach Europe or North America where emissions standards are heavily enforced but Australian buyers can take everything on offer.

The Zetor European range is most likely going to be the best models for Dealers to secure territory for in 2017, while the Zetor Global Range will be a major competitor of what is generally termed as cheap Chinese built models, for both a low purchase price and low operation cost.

While the ink is being prepared, register your interest as a dealer, distributor or parts reseller by email to dspacek@zetor.com