Midwest puts Australia back into the harvest front lead

Throughout the grain-growing period of the past decade, the largest harvest cutting platform available from manufacturers across the world was 13.7m (45ft) in width. This was seen pretty much as the widest front that could be maintained considering the harsh conditions the fronts had to endure. It took a Queensland based maker to change that […]

It’s already the proven tyre range for every farmer

The biggest tyre distributor in Australia is taking on board more brands and has some specialised dealer positions to fill in various locations around Australia. If you’re a current or budding farm machinery or tyre dealer, Tyres4U is your one stop tyre, tube and wheel wholesaler with good, better and the best tyres for tractors, […]

AGCO release details of their just IDEAL harvester

AGCO is set to cut a giant swathe into global harvest market sales with the release of the IDEAL axial combine. And this is no hyped up model release, but instead the result of an extensive global study that clearly showed there was a need for an entirely new combine platform for AGCO customers. AGCO […]