Goldacres Expo was a main event

Local sprayer manufacturer Goldacres marked its 40th anniversary with a major Expo at the company’s Mitchell Park production facility just outside Ballarat Vic. Prospective buyers lined up to view and test drive over 80 Goldacres’ products over the two-day event in February. A shuttle bus was on hand to spirit budding operators to a nearby […]

Top grain grower study shows how to lift profits

Australian grain growers could learn a thing or two from the “top 20 per cent” of growers and lift profitability, as recent research findings showed how top growers mix low risk with high margins. The study commissioned by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) – used a minimum of three and up to five years […]

Sowing canola early can reap some big rewards

Research has found Canola productivity and profitability can be boosted by using some tried and tested guidelines for early sowing. This follows 34 paddock experiments conducted from 2014 to 2016, looking at the interaction between variety and sowing date. The guidelines relate to location, variety selection, soil moisture management, seed placement and rates, weed, pest […]

Canola growers battling blackleg disease handed a new weapon

The potentially devastating disease blackleg may lose some of its sting, due to a smart phone app just released for canola growers. The BlacklegCM app gives growers a tool to forecast the likelihood and severity of the disease, associated yield loss and economic returns on a paddock-by-paddock basis ahead of sowing. The app is the […]

Winter grass resistance to glyphosate makes it a weed to watch

Winter grass (Poa annua), once considered a low-key weed, is coming under increasing scrutiny, with glyphosate-resistant populations being confirmed in Victoria. Dr Peter Boutsalis, from the University of Adelaide says the weed has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Testing has shown at least 20 populations of winter grass exhibiting resistant to simazine […]

Biosecurity network urges care with water for livestock

Livestock producers are being urged to pay attention to the water their thirsty animals drink during current dry spells – and enjoy the payoff in health and productivity. And this also forms part of good biosecurity practices, according Bonnie Skinner at Livestock Biosecurity Network in NSW. Ms Skinner, the network’s biosecurity and extension manager, said […]