Croplands RoGator RG1300C offers optional 48m Pommier boom

Recent sales of RoGator RG1300C sprayers fitted with a 48m aluminium Pommier boom are having positive impacts on growers spraying programs. Since taking possession of their RoGator, growers on a 2,900ha in Cannie Vic – 55km south of Swan Hill have already sprayed over 8000ha. With travel speeds of between 20 and 22kph and with […]

Strautmann Verti-Mix 2401 mixer wagon saves time

Peter Mengel, a third-generation dairy farmer from Pittsworth Qld, bought a Strautmann Verti-Mix 2401 mixer wagon and says it is saving him time and money. Peter has 230 cows, mainly dairy Holsteins and a small beef herd, on his 800ha dry land farm. “It’s been so dry out here, we can’t even grow grass, let […]

Solectrac electric tractors convert 1950s era Fords

Solectrac eUtility tractor

Californian company Solectrac has hit on the idea of converting new 1950s-era Ford tractors built in India into all-electric workhorses. Solectrac is owned by inventor Steve Heckeroth, who has been doing electric conversions on cars, trucks, racing cars and tractors for 25 years. The eUtility tractor offers 30kW (40hp) and the company says its electric […]