$5 million up for grabs to find ways to make farmland drought resilient

The Future Drought Fund will pay out $5 million for schemes to build drought resilience into agricultural landscapes

Project proposals are being awarded a share of $5 million under the Future Drought Fund’s NRM Drought Resilience Program – Landscapes program.

The projects are expected to put into place natural resource management practices, systems and approaches that will build drought resilience in agricultural landscapes.

This follows a competitive process where 12 Natural Resource Management Regional Bodies are set to be awarded a share of $5 million funding for projects under the NRM Drought Resilience Program – Landscapes.

The program was supporting the uptake of practices and technologies to improve resilience to drought on agricultural landscapes.

The $5 billion Future Drought Fund is an important part of the Australian Government’s Drought Response, Resilience and Preparedness Plan that outlines immediate action for those in drought.

It is expected to offer support for wider communities and how to support building long-term resilience and preparedness.

This is the first year of the $100 million that will become available each year under the Future Drought Fund and this is one of the 8 programs announced on 1 July 2020.

This is what the project is expected to cover: 

·     testing and demonstrating new farming practices such as the use of different pasture/forage varieties and novel grazing strategies

·     tracking and forecasting pasture biomass to plan operations and schedule decision points

·     monitoring and understanding soil moisture to assist in preparing and responding to drought conditions

·     peer to peer learning and sharing the latest thinking on drought resilience.

Find out more about NRM Drought Resilience Program – Landscapes, including a list of the successful projects, here: www.agriculture.gov.au/ag-farm-food/drought/future-drought-fund/nrm-landscapes

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