A $150,000 grant has been awarded to improve traceability for livestock exports

The Australian Livestock Export Corporation (LiveCorp) has received a $150,000 Australian Government grant to enhance health and welfare reporting for livestock exports.

The grant is expected to be used to modernise and standardise data collection within the sector.

LiveCorp will use this grant to further advance LIVEXCollect, the export industry’s data management system.

By developing a smart device app prototype of LIVEXCollect, the industry is expected to move towards a more digitised data collection method.

This will allow livestock health and welfare data can be collected and reported with more accuracy and ease.

This builds on the important work already undertaken by the industry and the regulator to improve animal welfare outcomes.

Chief Executive Officer of LiveCorp, Sam Brown, said the grant is an opportunity to further progress the digital transformation of the livestock export industry.

“By expanding the technical capability of LIVEXCollect, we can automate and more efficiently collect data on a range of factors influencing animal health and welfare,” Mr Brown said.

“At the same time, it will allow the data linked to individuals and mobs of livestock to be tracked through the supply chain.

“We’re grateful to have the support of the Australian Government’s through this grant to help the livestock export industry take full advantage of the latest technological advancements.”

For more details on the 14 successful round two projects see the Traceability Grants Program website.

Why Traceability Grants are issued

  • The Traceability Grants Program supports industry projects that can enhance the agricultural supply chain traceability systems, including developing and trialing technologies that digitise information flow.
  • The program also aims to provide an advantage for our exporters and to increase opportunities to export Australian commodities.
  • The program is part of the Australian Government’s Modernising Agricultural Trade agenda to support the target of a $100 billion agricultural sector by 2030.
  • The Australian Government is investing $7 million from 2019-20 through to the end of 2022-23 in projects under the Traceability Grants.
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