An affordable grain storage solution from GSI

Grab this special pre-season installation deal – exclusive to AFDJ readers is your own 1,000-tonnes on-farm grain storage installed for just $20 per tonne, per year. Obviously conditions do apply, but this is a great deal, so apply now

Grain Systems Inc (GSI) is the world’s largest silo manufacturer and has the industries largest portfolio of grain storage, grain management and material handling equipment. And all of that is now available to local growers and grain storage operators with a special early order deal.

You can now get your own 1,000-tonnes on-farm grain storage installed for just $20 per tonne, per year, under this latest promotional offer exclusive to AFDJ readers.

The offer includes a 12.8m (42ft) GSI flat bottom silo, the foundations, aeration, stair access and unloading equipment.

Get in touch with authorised installer Keogh on tel: 03 5446 8377, or anytime on mobile: 0428 509 213 before the offer runs out.

GSI has appointed Keoghs’ to install its on-farm grain storage systems, and recent these grain storage projects have included single on-farm hoppers through to large capacity installations with sophisticated intake and unloaded conveyer systems

GSI’s product range includes silos – both cone bottom and flat bottom, bucket elevators, drag and belt conveyers, chain loops and even supporting structures, ranging from small on-farm capacities through to larger scale commercial volumes.

For larger facilities and commercial projects GSI has a range of weighing, sampling and specialist products such as stainless steel options, to even cater for fertiliser and feed mill requirements. GSI also recognises that if you store grain, you also need to look after your asset. GSI has the industries largest range of aeration options and experience, combined with sealed silos for fumigation will ensure that grain quality is as good after storage as the day it was put in.

Keoghs have been providing grain solutions to farmers for over 60 years. Through recently completed projects Keoghs has shown that their superior technical capabilities is being able to design a facility that efficiently meets customer requirements.

Keoghs take the time to fully understand the requirement of each installation and will allow for future expansion if the facility intends to add more capacity in the future. Additional accessories such as aerators and spreaders will also be suggested, depending on estimated storage duration, to provide a system tailor made for each facility. Keoghs has also shown that the upfront attention to detail and 3D CAD modelling saves time and headaches by ensuring the project is built right the first time, within time and within budget.

GSI together with Keoghs are committed to provide grain farmers with the best on-farm grain storage solutions and that doesn’t just mean and bolts and steel. GSI understands that farming is seasonal and unpredictable. They understand that farmers need to build new storage before harvest, but wont realise the benefits of higher grain prices until well after. As such GSI is able to offer customised payment plans, this ensures growers have enough storage to match the harvest operation, and the right payment plan to match the grain-marketing plan.

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