AGCO new Fuse Lab in Hungary

Martin Richenhagen (left) and Zsolt Harsányi.
Martin Richenhagen (left) and Zsolt Harsányi.

Prof Martin Richenhagen, AGCO Chairman, President and CEO, launched the new Fuse Laboratory at the Szent-István University in Hungary. Source: AFDJ eNews

The state-run university is a leader in education in the area of “Agricultural and Environmental Sciences” for the country.

The research laboratory is provided to the university by agricultural equipment company AGCO Corporation and Hungarian agricultural machinery distributor Axiál Kft.

“We, as an agricultural equipment company, together with our Hungarian importers Axiál, would like to provide students with the opportunity to already gain knowledge in the areas of precision farming and technology-based services at the university level,” Prof Richenhagen said.

“This knowledge is indispensible for a successful start into a career in agriculture or agricultural engineering. Because today, more than ever, the success of a farming enterprise depends on the intelligence of its machinery.”

The Fuse Lab presents the advantages of precision farming applications. The different kinds of work that a tractor with an implement performs can be simulated in this new lab.

Future plans include transmitting machine data from Fendt machines that are in operation to the lab for experiments and analyses.

“The Hungarian economy needs skilled workers who can put the knowledge they have learned into practice,” Mr Zsolt Harsányi, owner of Axiál Kft said.

“We, as Hungarian agricultural equipment distributors, are also dependent on well-trained, specialised workers. With the new research laboratory, we can actively support the education of a new generation of good engineers.”

Prof Richenhagen was also awarded an honorary doctorate from the Szent-István University Gödöllő, Hungary.

His lecture to the students was on a topic that is also one of the guiding principles of the AGCO Corporation: “The Future of Global Agriculture – How to Feed a Growing World Population”.