AGCO reveals its objectives for reducing greenhouse gas in major Industry report

AGCO takes the industry lead by setting personal goals toward reducing its greenhouse gas footprint

AGCO outlines the future of agriculture and for farmers in its sustainability report that identifies a way forward

AGCO has released the most comprehensive industry Sustainability report to date from the perspective of a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and precision ag technology.

Included in the report is a range of goals and commitments, such as AGCO’s target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across its manufacturing operations by 20% by the end of 2026.

Eric P. Hansotia Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer wants to offer the greatest positive impact on farmers and agriculture

The Sustainability Report, the first published by AGCO since 2014, follows AGCO`s announcement in October 2020 of a global sustainability function and comes hot on the heels of its Farmer First strategy, unveiled in early March 2021 and includes sustainability as a key component.

Eric Hansotia, AGCO’s Chairman, President and CEO summarised AGCO’s farmer-first strategy, “Our strategy is custom built to place farmers at the centre of everything we do.

“Changing climates will affect how and where agriculture can be done, therefore AGCO will consider this a top-of-mind priority.”

“Deeply understanding our customers’ needs and aligning our business to meet and exceed their expectations will deliver sustainable stakeholder value and help secure the global food supply for future generations.”

“AGCO’s new vision and purpose reinforce our commitment to rapid innovation and the evolution of precision agriculture solutions to help farmers produce more with less environmental impact,” said Eric Hansotia.

“The future farmer will resemble a computer scientist, leveraging technology to increase productivity in order to meet the rising demand for food.”

“The agriculture industry has the opportunity—and responsibility—to think big and act bigger. Our new sustainability strategy will be the launch pad for focused creativity and innovation in the years to come.”

AGCO is focusing its sustainability efforts in four key areas:

  • Soil health and soil-carbon sequestration, with a pledge to develop new sensors and other technologies to improve soil health
  • Decarbonisation of facilities and products, such as attaining 60% use of renewable energy in internal operations by 2026 and delivering a fully electric Fendt tractor by 2025
  • Employee health, safety and well-being, including a commitment to improve its recordable injury rate year on year
  • Animal welfare, which includes the formation of an advisory group of animal welfare experts to help guide the company’s efforts.

“AGCO has made significant progress in designing innovative products, creating operational efficiencies, and providing agronomic expertise to farmers,” said Louisa Parker-Smith, AGCO’s Director of Global Sustainability.

“With our new, focused approach, we are committed to building on these strengths to create even more value for farmers while committing to help and protect our environment.”

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