AGFEST prepares for a giant paddock event in 2021, followed by an Online supplement

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Agfest Field Days, Tasmania’s premier rural event, is set to return to the paddock in 2021 following the development of a safe and compliant large-scale event model
AgFest 2021
Agfest is recognised as one of Australia’s top three agricultural field days, injecting more than $25 million into the local economy each year and attracting in excess of 720 exhibitors and 63,000 patrons

The Agfest Committee is unique, it comprises Rural Youth members aged 15 to 30, and they have spent endless hours researching, analysing, brainstorming, consulting and finalising the visitor safe event blueprint for 2021

The event will be held over four days at the 229-acre (96-hectare) Quercus Park site from the 5 until 8 May 2021, opening from 8am to 5pm.

The Committee can ensure the 2021 event complies with health regulations and social distancing requirements, as well as underpins best safety and wellbeing practice.

Moving the three-day field days to a four-day event for the first time, there will be restrictions on daily patron numbers, with all tickets being pre-sold online to enable contact tracing.

There will also be changes in exhibitor locations to reduce known crowd hot spots, and additional requirements for cleaning, hand sanitising and traffic flow monitoring are just some of the new compliance measures to be implemented.

Agfest Chairman Ethan Williams said the number one priority is protecting the health and welfare of all exhibitors, contractors, suppliers, sponsors, patrons, media, Rural Youth volunteers and all other members of the extended Agfest family.

“Agfest understands that we are working in a very dynamic environment and with borders re-open or if COVID-19 community transmission is evident in the State, we may have to further modify our planned operational model for 2021,” Mr Williams said.

“However, we are a determined bunch of passionate young Tasmanians and we have decided to have a crack at organising Agfest 2021 back in the paddock, because at the end of the day, that’s what we do best.

“At this point, we are completely focused on delivering this mammoth event for Tasmania to stimulate the State’s economy and enable our exhibitors to generate much-needed leads and sales, as well as the community to learn and immerse themselves in all things agriculture.”

Mr Williams said his key commitment is to keep all exhibitors and other stakeholders up to date through regular strategic communications.

“We were heartbroken to cancel Agfest 2020 in the paddock, but thanks to the resilience of our volunteers and a much-appreciated grant from the Tasmanian Government, we were able to move the event into the cloud and attract more than one million page views,” Mr Williams said.

The Agfest Committee is unique, comprising Rural Youth members aged 15 to 30

“The Cloud will once again be part of the 2021 event, opening at 5pm on Saturday 8 May after the paddock event closes.”

If Agfest in the Paddock has to be cancelled, Agfest in the Cloud will be extended from 5 – 15 May, ensuring the event opens as planned regardless of its location.

Some of the additional key changes for Agfest 2021 includes the event running in the paddock for four days, instead of three, from 5 to 8 May.

All tickets will be pre-sold online to enable contact tracing, and hand sanitiser stations will be positioned around the site.

Exhibitors will be required to develop their own COVID-19 Safety Plans and control visitor numbers to their stands at all times.

The Craft Market will be moved from the large sheds to a new area to encourage safer traffic flow; and food vendors will be positioned around the site to minimise crowd congestion at peak eating times.

Mr Williams said extensive modelling had revealed that increasing social distancing to four square metres per person would equate to 42,000 patrons per day on the extensive Quercus Park site.

However, the Agfest Committee has agreed it will take further direction from the Tasmanian Government regarding guidelines for mass gatherings before announcing maximum daily patron numbers for Agfest 2021.

The current goal is to achieve 60,000 patrons through the gates across the event.

He called on all Tasmanians to get behind Agfest and the dedicated volunteers who deliver this legendary event, recognised as one of the top three agricultural field days in Australia that injects up to $25 million each year into the Tasmanian economy.

“We’ve helped Tasmania for 38 years and now we ask all Tasmanians to help us to ensure Agfest can remain a huge contributor to the Tasmanian economy and Rural Youth can remain a viable organisation, developing the confidence, skills and capacity of the State’s young leaders.”

See the Agfest website at: where online tickets can be purchased for the  event.