AGI SureTrack BinManager is the future of grain storage

AGI SureTrack puts the technology in your hand to monitor and maintain stored grain quality to maximise profit when the time comes to sell
AGI is a leading supplier of grain equipment and has extensive on-farm storage options that include technology to maintain grain at a premium quality level

Conditioning grain is essential to reducing loss and adding value. Whether drying or rehydrating, AGI SureTrack’s software can manage and report accurately and efficiently.

Through integrated hardware, software and IoT sensors, your commodity is constantly monitored and reported on, factoring in both outside weather conditions and moisture levels within your bin.

This in turn enables the conditioning regimes to be highly accurate. Drying or rehydrating accurately enables the grower to maximise test weight and grain quality which in turn maximises profit.

Preserving grain using SureTrack BinManager is simple, working directly with aeration, refrigeration, and fumigation systems to preserve the grain that needs to be stored.

By cooling and fumigating the intrinsic value of the commodity can be maintained over a long period. 

The sensors and modelling built in to BinManager enable the detection of temperature, moisture, and CO2 levels across the storage so that when a problem occurs, we can act instantly.

AGI’s SureTrack BinManager is able to monitor aeration, refrigeration, and fumigation systems for optimum storage results

This will protect the storage while at the same time alert the grower and the SureTrack team anywhere in the world. This, in turn, enables timely decisions to be made to protect the commodity.

Marketing grain stored on the farm is now done directly to the end-user.

This means having details of origination, including quality and conditioning, allows the grower to market with intelligence, and as a result increases confidence for the buyer.

This, in turn, attracts higher pricing and preferential buying, increasing the grower’s profitability.

AGI combines SureTrack with its silos and augers to provide Australian growers with a fully integrated market solution that is engineered, tested, and designed for now and well into the future.

To learn more about AGI’s equipment and SureTrack BinManager in Australia email to:


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