AgQuip the launch pad for Case IH Steiger with CVT

The latest move by Case IH to maintain its lead in track tractor models will be unveiled at this month’s AgQuip.

The company has announced the world’s first articulated tractor with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) will soon be available in Australia in the shape of the Steiger CVT, to be officially launched at Gunnedah’s AgQuip field days from August 22 to 24.

The Steiger CVT technology will feature on the Quadtrac 450 and 500, and Rowtrac 400, 450 and 500. The Steiger wheel tractors 400, 450 and 500; and the wheel scraper 450 and 500 will also join the CVT stable.

“The Continuously Variable Transmission offers so many benefits for the tractor operator and we’re excited our Australian customers will soon have the opportunity to put it to the test,” said Case IH high horsepower tractor product manager for Australia/New Zealand, Alyx Selsmeyer.

“As well as noticing cost savings where fuel consumption is concerned, the CVT makes the tractor more user-friendly for operators of all skill levels and its features contribute to smooth operation and increased comfort for those behind the controls.”

Alyx said Case IH had been developing its CVT technology for almost 20 years and was proud to now be able to offer it at the top end of its tractor market.

As well as targeting fuel efficiency and operator fatigue, the CVT transmission provides faster acceleration to paddock or road speed, full power availability at low ground speeds for special applications and implements, and full hydraulic flow availability at low ground speeds, for the likes of drilling and planting. The result is increased productivity with faster cycle times and maximum fuel efficiency.

Other Steiger CVT qualities include:

  • The storing of three adjustable target speeds from 0kph to 40kph, adjustable via the thumb-wheel and buttons on the Multicontroller.
  • The transmission incorporates a kick-down feature which ensures maximum acceleration, and 40kph is achieved at just 1640rpm.
  • The transmission features four mechanical ranges, for maximum efficiency and operator comfort, with automated range-changing, and the first time 100% mechanical power transfer takes place is below 10 kph, matching heavy draft application requirements.
  • Four multi-plate wet clutch packs, mounted on the four planetary gear sets, change the ranges without power interruption, with equal clutch speeds guaranteeing smooth shifting without clutch wear.
  • Active Hold Control allows the tractor to remain static when brought to a halt on a hill, without the operator applying the foot or hand brake. The park brake is automatically applied if it remains in this state for more than 45 seconds.
  • An inching pedal replaces the decelerator pedal found on Steiger tractors with powershift transmission. This pedal is common across the entire CVT range from the Maxxum to now the Steiger. Ideal when backing up to attach implements or edging closer to objects, this feature lets you control the acceleration rate in either direction by simply using the inching pedal like the accelerator in a car.
  • The Multicontroller incorporates a power shuttle switch, which works in parallel with the shuttle lever on the left of the steering column, for convenient direction changes without releasing the steering wheel.

“It all adds up to a tractor designed to ensure the most efficient operation at all times, in all conditions, regardless of the task or terrain, with the capacity to reduce engine speed to the minimum required for the tractor’s workload, in order to maximise fuel efficiency,” Alyx said.

The Steiger CVT transmission was specifically designed for applications requiring 400 hp and above.  This brand new transmission further enhances an industry leading product line allowing the driver to focus on the task at hand rather than on tractor operation.

“The addition of CVT to the Steiger range represents a giant leap forward in the world of high horsepower tractors and we look forward to sharing all the benefits of the technology with visitors to AgQuip, where the tractor will be officially launched to the Australian market,” Alyx said.

Orders for the tractors will be taken from October 1, with delivery to begin on Forward Order units early in 2018. To find out more, see your local Case IH dealer or visit the Case IH website at