Agricultural Innovation Australia board adds two more directors to complete the roster

The inaugural Agricultural Innovation Australia (AIA) board .has the task to collaborate government funded agricultural innovation investment of $800 million a year.

The two final appointees to the AIA are Kathy Grigg and Anne O’Donnell.

Ms Grigg is an experienced board member across agribusiness, financial services, and the wine, wool, pork, red meat and dairy industries.

Her experience includes her roles as deputy chancellor of Deakin University, director of GrainCorp Ltd, and a member of the audit committee at the ACCC.

While Ms O’Donnell brings over 40 years’ experience in the finance sector to the AIA board.

She is a director of Equity Trustee Holdings Ltd, an external member of the National Capital Audit Committee and is a former director of Grain Growers Association Ltd – a small snapshot of an extraordinary career.

These appointments to the board mark its completion, which means that AIA can now focus on jump starting joint investment and collaboration.

Its mandate is to maximise benefits to Australian agriculture, levy payers and the Australian community.

AIA is a key element of the Australian Government’s new National Agricultural Innovation Agenda to modernise Australia’s agricultural innovation system.

Innovation is key to help meet industry’s ambitious target for a $100 billion sector by 2030 and we know the biggest productivity gains will come from long-term, transformational R&D.”

Background to the AIA:

Agricultural Innovation Australia Ltd was established on 1 October 2020 to drive agricultural innovation via a cross-industry approach across the sector.

The Government is investing $1.3 million in seed-funding for the first AIA investment strategies.

RDCs are responsible for investing around $800 million each year in agricultural innovation.

Almost $300 million of this is Australian Government funding from taxpayers, and around $500 million comes from industry levies.

AIA will be managed by an independent, skills-based board, the directors are: Ms Kathy Grigg and Ms Anne O’Donnell who now join previously appointed Board members Mr Bernie Brookes AM (Chair), Dr Anne Astin AM PSM and Ms Heather Stacy AM.

The board is in the process of appointing a Chief Executive Officer.

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