Agricultural Shows offer grants through the Australian Young Farmer Challenge

As part of the local show circuit in 2021, grants will be available for competitions that allow young people to show their skills while working in teams
Australian Young Farmer Challenge
The Australian Young Farmer Challenge is the showcase of young people in Australian agriculture, competing in diverse challenges of skill, technique, knowledge and safety

It is expected grants will be available for all local shows that organise events for young people aged between 18 to 35, who put together a competition held at the show.

For example, a Young Farmer Challenge could comprise teams of 4 people, both male and female. All female or all male teams are not eligible to enter.

Team members will need to hold a current drivers licence and be capable of hitching a trailer to a car and backing the trailer.

Be competent at driving a tractor and have experience in driving an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). And also be competent at handling livestock, including horses, sheep and cattle.

Teams that meet this criteria will then launch into competition, and may the best team win.

Grants applications up to $10,000 will be considered. But act now as the grants will close on Monday 8 February 2020 at 5:00 pm

Download an AYFC Regional Grant Program application form here:

The Australian Young Farmer Challenge (AYFC) is designed to involve young country show enthusiasts who want to get their local communities back together, following the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is expected the AYFC Regional Grant Program will make a positive contribution to rural mental health and teams are strongly encouraged to apply.

The AYFC, an initiative of Agricultural Shows Australia, is there to showcase young people in Australian agriculture, by competing in diverse challenges of skill, technique, knowledge and safety.

Held at agricultural shows across the country, the AYFC is the opportunity for young rural people to take centre stage, demonstrate their skills and catch up with mates.

Agricultural Shows Australia Executive Officer Katie Stanley said AYFC competitions play an important role in improving the mental health of young people living in rural areas.

“A local agricultural show is an opportunity for rural people to get off the farm and meet up with friends and family. Ag shows bring communities together,” she said.

“It is widely reported that there is a shortage of mental health support services for young people living in regional and remote communities across Australia.

“The Australian Government Department of Health has recognised that young people with ‘nothing to do’ or no social opportunities as a key issue contributing to poor mental health in country areas.

“The AYFC can be part of an innovative community response to mental health servicing, providing young rural people with a platform to come together, form social connections and work as teams in a fun, safe and exciting day out.

“These competitions provide entertainment and crowd engagement as well as education for the broader community about agriculture, food and more specifically, the role of farmers and farm safety.”

Ms Stanley said the grants are available to support the costs of organising and running AYFC competitions at a local, regional and state level across Australia.

“The purpose of the program is to support the sharing of knowledge, encourage community initiatives and promote community leadership,” she said.

“From start-up competitions at local agricultural shows, through to established competitions looking to expand into regional and state competitions, funding submissions will be accepted from all eligible organising committees.”

Applications for the AYFC Regional Grant Program close Monday 8 February 2021.

The project is jointly funded by Agricultural Shows Australia and the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

To apply for your local show, log on here.

About Agricultural Shows Australia

Agricultural Shows of Australia (ASA) was established to promote the role and significance of Australian agricultural shows to the wider community. ASA’s vision is a strong and vibrant network of agricultural shows working together to engage, influence and promote the essential value of Australian agriculture. The membership of the ASA is made up of capital city Royal Agricultural Societies and state-based agricultural show bodies, together representing over 580 agricultural shows.


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