Agriculture continues to lead our economic recovery into record territory

The national account figures released today are further proof that the Agricultural industry is leading the way in our economic recovery.

The figures reveal how agriculture has stepped up, persevered and provided stability through uncertain times with the value of rural goods exported in the September quarter 2021 up a staggering 64% more than the September quarter last year.

The total value add of the agricultural industry in the quarter was up a remarkable 44% on the year before, reaching a four and a half year high, and a near record for agriculture. 

The news comes a day after the forecast for the 2021-22 winter crop is set to reach a record of 58.4 million tonnes of grain harvested.

Farmers had drought, bushfires and COVID-19 to deal with in recent years but they quietly went about their work, producing the food and fibre for locals and the world.

Even now, while many farmers are facing the challenge of floods in parts of eastern Australia, we can be assured they will continue to deliver produce so we can all prosper in the future.

Agriculture farmgate production value is forecast in 2021-22 to be as high as $78 billion for the first time in our nation’s history.