AgriWebb integrates with KPMG Origins to enable on-farm livestock data sharing

Livestock enterprise management platform AgriWebb has integrated with blockchain-based track-and-trace platform KPMG Origins, enabling farmers to seamlessly share their on-farm livestock data across their supply chains. 

In a world-first, the integration enables AgriWebb customers to standardise their farm’s livestock data on the KPMG Origins platform and securely provide access to external partners such as retailers, banks/financiers and industry bodies. It aims to support decision making about farms and bolster an operation’s profitability, productivity and efficiency by streamlining data sharing. 

This comes at a time when traceability across all types of red meat is becoming especially important. International buyers are increasingly requesting more information to validate claims being made about products, processing methods and provenance. 

By using the blockchain-based KPMG Origins platform, farmers can integrate their standardised data and then share it with supply chain partners quickly and securely. The sharing is guided by what datasets the farmer sees as important, whether that’s breeding property, certifications or processing practices, giving them complete control over how much or how little is shared.

The power of KPMG Origins is the ability for farmers to receive additional value from supply chain partners such as financiers, insurance providers and buyers in return for sharing digital livestock records, data and certifications. 

John Fargher, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officerof AgriWebb said, “Our integration with KPMG Origins helps empower farmers to educate consumers and the supply chain on the origins of their produce. Traceability has never been so important and by supporting farmers with the right data and tools, they’re able to share the necessary information with partners quickly and efficiently to support decision making.” 

Lachlan Graham, Co-CEO at Argyle Foods Group is the first customer to tap into this new integration. He said, “Argyle uses KPMG Origins to focus on verification programs that enable access to new markets and bring in a premium. As a large-scale, vertically integrated operation, with thousands of overseas export partners, it’s vital that we can back up the claims we make.

“The use of AgriWebb’s Individual Animal Management system provides easily accessible and accurate records showing the complete history of individual animal data, including treatment records, location data, and genetics. By connecting that data to the KPMG Origins platform, we’re able to validate product claims and underpin the premium quality status of our products. It is beneficial for regulatory reporting, but also in terms of growth capital and profitability.”

Laszlo Peter, Partner at KPMG Australia and Head of Blockchain Services Asia-Pacific, commented, “It is incredibly exciting to be able to offer producers in the beef industry a seamless platform to exchange livestock digital records with their supply chain partners like banks or industry bodies. With the click of a button via KPMG Origins integration, producers using the AgriWebb software can now provide increased visibility of on-farm practices and livestock information, while at the same time ensuring they remain in control of their data permissioning and their data visibility.” 

To find out more, visit: Individual Animal Management  and KPMG Origins