Agro Power Optibelts keep machinery moving

Keep your farm machinery running with the proven range of Optibelts at a store near you

Optibelt’s aftermarket range of Agro Power belts designed specifically for agricultural machinery are equivalent in size, profile and construction to OEM belts

The Agro Power range of drive belts from Optibelt are designed specifically for all

models of agricultural machinery from combine harvesters to mulchers and mowers.

Optibelt says its knowledge of the agricultural market has helped it produce an aftermarket range of belts that are equivalent in size, profile and construction to OEM belts.

Agro Power belts cover V-belts, Kraftbands, ribbed belts, variable-speed belts and are identified by their unique AP part numbering system and green label.

The Agro Power range is designed to be extremely smooth-running with efficient power transmission while also being environmentally friendly.

Agro Power V-belts are available in an extensive range and can be optimally matched to the requirements of any given application. If set combinations are required when using several V-belts per drive unit, these have already been taken into account.

Agro Power variable speed belts are an optimum choice for infinitely variable speed control. The special belt design allows for high dynamic loads, superior power transmission capability and good control characteristics.

Agro Power belts from Optibelt include V-belts, Kraftbands, ribbed belts and variable speed belts that are all identified by a unique AP part number

These belts offer high-quality fibre-reinforced rubber components combined with low-stretch tension cords and a cover fabric. 

Kraftbands are ideal for heavy industrial power transmission applications with vertical running shafts and large centre distances.

They can withstand impact loads and clutching applications. These Kraftbands consist of high-quality coated single V-belts, which are connected by a cover plate.

Depending on the application, up to five classic V-belts per Kraftband are used. In special cases, power belts with more than five V-belts are also available.

If you are seeking a specialist hard to find belt, Optibelt offers an online service where you can search for a matching product. A handy cross reference to OEM parts is available here.

For more information contact Optibelt Australia on tel: 03 8791 2700, email: or go to the agricultural section at


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