Agrointelli Robotti autonomous tool carrier switches to Velodyne sensors

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Agrointelli Robotti Tool Carrier
Agronintelli has fitted its Robotti autonomous tool carriers with Velodyne lidar sensors to ensure safe and efficient navigation on farmland

Agrointelli is a Danish-based developer of intelligent farming solutions. The company’s Robotti autonomous tool carrier is designed to accommodate a range of farm implements via a standard 3-point linkage hitch.

Velodyne puck sensor
The Velodyne Puck is a small, compact lidar sensor that delivers a 100-metre range

A new agreement with Velodyne will see the Robotti fitted with Velodyne’s Puck lidar sensors for safe and efficient navigation.

Robotti supports a wide range of equipment and is able to perform highly accurate, site-specific agricultural operations including seedbed preparation, seeding, weeding, fertilising, spraying and mowing.

Robotti is suitable for conventional and organic farms as well as in conservation agriculture.

Farmers can let the robot work autonomously or manually control it from a tablet by using an app.

Designed with a focus on safety, Robotti is built to react quickly and accurately should risk of accident arise.

“Robotti is a powerful automation tool to increase agricultural productivity,” said Tommy Madsen, chief technology officer of Agrointelli.

“It has the same capabilities as a smaller tractor but can complete the operations without a driver. Velodyne’s lidar sensors are essential to helping Robotti start a new agri-tech era where autonomous implement carriers become commercially sustainable and integrated into daily farming operations.”

Velodyne Puck sensors provide rich 3D computer perception data that allows real-time object and free space detection to support safe navigation and reliable operation.

The Puck is a small, compact lidar sensor that delivers a 100-metre range. Reliability, power-efficiency and a surround view make it suitable for affordable low speed autonomy applications.

Check out the video to see the Robotti in action.