Agrowplow contribution to soil management has been innovative from the very start

Many growers have achieved prosperity through soil care with Agrowplow across four decades of product development with positive impacts on farm prosperity through crop yields


Agrowplow has developed the #8-9 Hybrid Shank that can be retrofitted to some older style frames and this brings these machines back into service with the benefit of improved shank and blade deeper ripping with less soil inversion

Constant product development is integral for all machinery manufacturers, and for local manufacturer Agrowplow, simple iteration isn’t enough.

The pace of change and demand from farmers for equipment that works harder and more efficiently for longer demands it. To remain competitive, Agrowplow believes you’ve got to innovate.

Agrowplow was founded on the idea that a successful farm starts with caring for the soil. This principle of prosperity through soil care drove the development of Agrowplow’s earliest tillage machines and it remains at the forefront of its design philosophy to this day.

As general understanding of soil care has grown and changed, so has Agrowplow’s design, ensuring their machines are always adopting the best practices and offering farmers the greatest returns.

As its most basic, this commitment to innovation means taking advantage of local-based knowhow.

Having both their design and manufacturing teams based in Australia means Agrowplow can get local feedback to ensure their tillage tools are effective in a range of soil types and conditions.

Innovation can come from numerous sources, but the best ideas come from the farmers who use the machines, dealers who know the country and their customers, as well as Agrowplow’s own tests in regional and remote regions.

A notable innovation can be seen in the change from a spring-jump to hydraulic breakout shank assemblies.

The early #7 Spring Jump and Econo Shanks were limited in the amount of force they could bring to bear, see this in the original utility plough from the 1980’s shown here in black and white.


The Agrowplow utility plough from 1980 is armed with a no7 spring-jump shank assembly

This meant these early machines were not as well equipped to handle the wide variety of soil types and conditions found on our farms.

Then came the switch to hydraulic shank assemblies, it almost doubled the total breakout force at the blade and offered a more consistent application of that force, making for a more efficient machine with fewer input costs.

Innovation can also mean looking back – specifically, at farmers who already have machines but still need support and want to keep up with the latest designs.

The original Agrowplow AP1 was designed in the early 1980s, and with such a durable frame delivering consistent results it mean many of those original deep tillage ploughs are still in use today.

To keep these machines in use, Agrowplow still offers parts manuals, support, and spares for machines like the AP1 that might otherwise have long since met their end rusting away at the bottom of a paddock.


The original Agrowplow AP1 was designed in the early 1980s, and with such a durable frame it means many of those original deep tillage ploughs are still in use today with parts manuals, support, and spares readily available

Innovation also means looking for ways to bring these older machines up to more current specifications.

For this purpose, Agrowplow has developed the #8-9 Hybrid Shank, that can be retrofitted to some older style carriers. This allows these older machines to benefit from enhanced shank and blade protection and offer deeper ripping with less soil inversion.

One of Agrowplow’s most recent innovations has also proven to be one of its most popular.

As deep ripping became more widely practised in the early 21st century, there came increased demand for tillage implements that could handle a wider variety of soil conditions.

Many farmers who had never ripped before found subsurface obstacles were a significant unforeseen cost to their deep ripping programs. At best, these obstacles would break shear pins on rigid shank machines, requiring farmers to stop ripping to replace the pins.

At worst, they could damage the shanks, the ripper, and the tractor.


Agrowplow harrow updates are being extensively tested for growers to incorporate a varying range of soil finishes into their ripping programs to reduce tillage at seeding

The #9 Hydraulic Shank Assembly was developed to address these issues. With breakouts in excess of 1,800kg at the blade, the assembly was better equipped to handle the strain of ripping in tough soils.

This shank also included a scissoring breakout action that allowed the shank to swing back along a much longer axis.

This unique breakout mechanism meant the shank could easily handle large subsurface obstacles such as boulder and tree stumps, meaning fewer interruptions to the ripping program and fewer input costs from prematurely worn parts.

Looking to future product releases, Agrowplow is already working on expanding its product offering with the #9 Inversion Shank. Fitted to deep rippers that are able to handle situations where bringing deep subsoil to the surface is beneficial rather than a hindrance.

Additional options like the plough harrows are also in development, allowing farmers to incorporate soil finishing into their ripping programs to reduce tillage requirements at seeding.


Expect to see more Agrowplow heavy-duty deep ripping developments with deeper cuts and less risk of breakages

The most recent development from Agrowplow is a super heavy-duty ripper.

This model promises substantially deeper ripping in the toughest soil profiles. It is particularly designed for efficient development of virgin country and allows for much deeper water infiltration and root development.

The principle of prosperity through soil care has seen Agrowplow work through four decades of product design and development and this has led to immeasurable impacts on farm prosperity and crop yields.

Now with the 21st century emphasis on soil care, it offers an increased challenges in climate variability and greater demand for greater accountability in farm inputs.

The need for effective, innovative tillage implements will mean Agrowplow’s dedication to sustainable soil management is going to be even more important in the years to come.

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