Agsafe drumMUSTER recycling program enjoys continued success

Agsafe General Manager Dominique Doyle
Agsafe General Manager Dominique Doyle at one of the drumMUSTER program’s more than 800 collection sites nationwide.

For years, farmers and other AgVet chemical users had few options for disposing of used containers. Consequently, they were dumped, buried, or burnt.

Times have changed and growers and other users are aware of the potential uses of recyclable plastics, plus most QA food safety programs require growers demonstrate their commitment to environmental safety.

Enter Product Stewardship. A whole-of-life-cycle approach to ethical management of agvet products, from the original manufacture though to their use and end-of-life disposal.

Agsafe’s AgVet chemical product stewardship programs, drumMUSTER and ChemClear, divert used containers and obsolete chemicals from landfill, re-routing them into recycling and responsible disposal pathways that assist in keeping land and waterways safe.

Since operations began in 1998, more than 40,000 tonnes of unwanted plastics have been diverted from landfill sites into recycling programs. This equates to 35 million agvet containers. There are more than 800 collection sites throughout Australia including over 350 local council sites.

Once the containers are collected, they are shredded and granulated, processed into pellets, then re-used to make wheelie bins, fencing, pipes, bollards, road markers and public furniture.

Dominique Doyle, Agsafe General Manager, said of the program, “Farm businesses who frequent drumMUSTER sites are setting a good example of how the simple act of recycling can keep land and waterways cleaner and litter-free, and communities safer.”

To find the nearest collection point to you, please visit the drumMUSTER website at or call 1800 008 707. So, round them up, rinse them out and run them in. Remember, every container counts.


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