AgSmart event launched for the first time shows how tech will add value

Adding strength and information to rural field days for 2022 this inaugural agtech event will show farmers the way forward using technology that is available now

AgSmart will break new ground by being the first agtech event for farmers and will showcase ideas and technology from artificial intelligence, smart farm machinery and equipment, robotics, on-farm connectivity and vertical farming start-ups

AgSmart is a Field Day with a difference, it has been initiated to showcase all the available assets farmers can use to cut back on working hours by reducing the time it takes to run down furrows and introduce ways to ensure crops can attain the best yields possible.

In addition, livestock producers will find ways to monitor their stock in ways never thought possible previously, and make sure animals get the attention they need at any time through special alerts.

For the first time all this information will be presented at the one event, for growers and producers to see working in real time.

AgSmartis the brainchild of national agricultural field day organisers ACM Rural Events and this exciting event will be launched for the first time from 9 and 10 March 2022.

AgSmart will be the nation’s biggest agtech exposition showcasing the latest innovations, research results, and developments in agriculture that when adopted can add value to every farm operation.

As we see growth in the world’s population and the cost of food and fibre production increases, innovations in our local agtech sector are set to change the face of farming.

Go by bus, car, train or plane but however you get there be prepared to see the future in farming at the first AgSmart agtech event in Tamworth NSW on the 8 and 9 March 2022

ACM Rural Events group manager, Kate Nugent said the in-person event is designed to be the first with a commercial focus on agtech, staged in regional Australia.

“AgSmart will provide insights into the future of local farming,” Kate reinterated.

The event will be held in Tamworth NSW in an indoor and outdoor venue – where farmers from all sectors can come to see the latest developments from agtech start-up companies and national companies.

“Our commercial philosophy has gained affirmation and excitement from the burgeoning agtech industry as it seeks an opportunity to display, demonstrate, influence, and inform local farmers,” Kate reaffirmed.

“Adopting new agtech inventions and innovations will increase agricultural productivity and profitability and ensure the industry can produce, supply, and store food and fibre sustainably.”

AgSmart will have local firms on display that firmly support the nation’s agtech ambition to be a leading source of solutions and technological manufacturing globally.

A diverse range of ideas and technology will be showcased including artificial intelligence in farming, robotics, big data, Internet of Things technology, on-farm connectivity, smart farm machinery and equipment, precision and vertical farming, start-ups, regulation and compliance, supply chains, and export.

Don’t worry about some of the terminology that some firms in agtech seem to dream up, you will soon take it to heart if it means increasing farm revenue and makes everything less stress related for your own farm operation.

AgSmart will be staged on March 9 and 10 March 2022 at the Tamworth Regional and Entertainment Conference Centre in Tamworth NSW. Admission tickets are now sale on sale at:

“Australian agriculture is on the move and the AgSmart Expo will place a spotlight on a ground-breaking, more cost-efficient, and more effective farming practices that are more responsive to change, and ultimately more profitable,” Kate Nugent added.

Every agtech company should be on show. For further information about site participation see this link:

Contact the event organisers, ACM Rural Events, on 02 6768 5800 or email: