AgSmart is the first major event to swap from virtual to face to face

Field days and expos are back to the face-to-face kind with the two-day AgSmart event kicking off from 9 to 10 March 2022

The Case IH AFS Connect Magnum cab simulator is just like the real thing – ready for testing at AgSmart with an AFS 1200 Pro, a larger display married to a new operating system, and current display on the right-hand cab pillar, plus a fresh design for the armrest console and multi-function controller

All the big name manufacturers are anxious to get back to their loyal customers and will be back at AgSmart displaying and demonstrating technological advances in agriculture to help drive future productivity and profitability with a far smaller workforce.

It’s been up to two years since the agricultural field day events had a physical presence, so manufacturers are looking forward to being involved in – and back in front of customers. 

More than 100 exhibitors will be on show, at this inaugural agri-tech and innovation expo to be held at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Centre in Tamworth NSW.

Case IH will have its AFS Connect Magnum cab simulator at the expo, offering visitors the chance to get behind the wheel of one of the company’s most sophisticated models, and experience the raft of technology at the operator’s fingertips – without needing to be in the paddock.

“The simulator offers a complete cab from a Magnum, giving people the experience without being in the actual tractor. It simulates the movement of the tractor and all the technology features, such as coverage maps and yield monitoring,” said Sean McColley, Case IH Australia/New Zealand Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Product Manager.

“AgSmart is all about the technology driving increased agricultural productivity and efficiencies and this cab simulator gives customers a deep insight into the AFS advances Case IH is making.”

Sean, who will be running a public seminar on Case IH’s AFS Connect technology on the Thursday of the expo, said the Case IH team was looking forward to being back out in the field and having the opportunity to speak to customers face-to-face, showing them products, the company has introduced to the market in the past few years. 

“There’s nothing like being in the same room with farmers and being able to demonstrate the exciting new advances that continue to raise the bar for farm productivity in this country. 

“To have an event where the latest in technology breakthroughs is the focus, offers so many opportunities to take customers through the products, step by step, helping demystify the technology if required and answer any questions along the way,” he added.

Sean will also be participating in a panel discussion, Tech talk: Equipping farmers for the future, on 9 March at 11am at the TRECC. The discussion will focus on how the agtech sector is evolving and the role it is going to play in shaping the future of farming. 

CASE IH’S Sean McColley will be part of a panel discussion, Tech talk: Equipping farmers for the future, on 9 March at 11am at the TRECC and on hand to demonstrate Case IH’s AFS Connect Magnum cab simulator

“Agriculture has undergone enormous changes over a long period of time and now the industry is undergoing yet another evolution, with data and connectivity fuelling the development of new equipment and products that are assisting farmers with more informed decision-making, enhancing time management, and boosting business profitability.

“An event like AgSmart is pivotal for showcasing these advances and demonstrating to farmers their real-world applications across a variety of farming operations.” Sean concluded.

AgSmart will be staged on 9 and 10 March at the Tamworth Regional and Entertainment Conference Centre in Tamworth. Admission tickets are on sale now, online at:

AgSmart is the place to visit, for relevant information about early agri-tech disrupters that will allow families to continue farming through technology and avoid running a huge workforce.

Contact the organisers, ACM Rural Events, on 02 6768 5800 or email:

Get your tickets as early as possible. Adults, Seniors, Pensioners, and Children 12+ can enter for only $6.00 per person. Children under 12 are FREE. Tickets can be pre-purchased online at this link, or at the main foyer of entry.