AgUP grants up to $7.3 million will support initiatives to develop and retain Ag workers

A round of grant funding has opened for industry to develop projects and initiatives to support the growth, retention, and sustainability of the agricultural workforce.

The $7.3 million AgUP grants program would encourage the agriculture, fisheries, and forestry sector to lead efforts to meet their workforce needs.

It’s always a shame when agriculture, fisheries or forestry lose a good worker because they can’t see a career pathway that works for them.

The AgUP grants program is about supporting industry led initiatives to develop career pathways and upskill, train and mentor agricultural workers.

It will lead to opportunities within these industries for people who want them. That means making sure workers know there are opportunities to progress and grow their careers within the primary industries sector.

By supporting these initiatives, we can build the industry workforce in a way that is sustainable and so businesses can develop and retain good people.

More information on the AgUP Grants Program is available here and here.

AgUP Program 2022

·      The AgUP Program 2022 (Round 1) opens for applications on 23 November 2021 closing on 20 January 2022.

·      The Australian Government has announced a total of up to $7.323 million in administered funding over four years for the AgUP Program.

·      The objectives of the program are:

o     support sustainable industry-led approaches that improve workforce outcomes to retain workers in agriculture, fisheries, and forestry sectors and

o    industry to facilitate workforce activities that successfully identify and establish career pathways and progression in agriculture, fisheries, and forestry sectors for Australians.