Agvet chemicals under scrutiny in a draft report on regulatory system

A draft report on the review of Australia’s agricultural and veterinary (agvet) chemicals regulatory system is now available for public comments, until 26 February 2021.

Ensuring farmers have access to agvet chemicals that are both safe and effective is crucial to our agricultural and livestock industries, the community and the environment.

The panel set up to deliver its draft recommendations will make decisions that will impact agvet chemical regulations for the next 30 years.

Perhaps you should have your say.

It would be expected the outcome would improve any existing protections for the health and safety of humans, animals and the environment, through the use of only safe chemical products.

But that outcome is not guaranteed, especially if the recommendation is to broaden further the range of uses of products already in the market.

In developing the recommendations in the draft report, the unidentified panel says it has consulted with 188 stakeholder groups and received 100 submissions to its Issues Paper which was released in March 2020.

Some of the key draft reforms suggested to date:

  • nationally consistent control of use of agvet chemicals under a single national law, administered by the Commonwealth, which enables:
  • a single national licensing framework for professional users of pesticides and veterinary medicines
  • access to uses based on climatic region instead of state boundaries
  • a national produce and environmental monitoring program
  • improved access for Australian users of agvet chemicals, via a licensing pathway, for safe and effective products already registered by a comparable international regulator
  • enhanced leadership, consultation and surveillance for the whole regulatory system via a Commissioner for Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Stewardship
  • a revised scope for the regulatory system, utilising tailored pathways based on risk, better focusing regulatory effort to where it is most needed
  • ‘fast track’ access to market through prioritised registration for products meeting a specific set of criteria. 
  • Substance-based active constituent approvals, rather than site of manufacture improving the resilience of the supply chain

The panel invites comment on the draft recommendations to refine them prior to providing its final report to the Minister in May 2021.

For more information and to have your say on the agvet chemicals regulatory reform, place your submission at:

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