AMAZONE auto nozzle selector a cost saver


European spray manufacturer, AMAZONE, has released an electric control system that automatically selects the best nozzleaccording to operating conditions. Source: AFDJ eNews

Depending on the field size, working width and the number of part-width sections used, AMAZONE claims the technology can reduce spray costs by up to 10%.

Available for its UX trailed sprayers and the Pantera selfpropelled sprayer, the AmaSelect system features four individually-controlled nozzles in carriers that are positioned at 50cm intervals.

“By itself, the automatic control of individual nozzles can reduce overlap and chemical costs by a 5%,” General Manager – Product, Tim Needham said.

“Used in combination with AMAZONE GPS-Switch section control, AmaSelect can slash crop protection costs by another 5%.”

The operator enters the optimum pressure range for each nozzle type fitted on the carriers into the ISOBUS operator terminal. AmaSelect then automatically selects and activates the best nozzle according to the desired application rate and forward speed.

Once the optimum pressure range of a nozzle is reached, AmaSelect automatically switches over to a smaller or bigger nozzle, or adds a second nozzle to the spray circuit.

In turn, GPS-Switch uses GPS guidance to switch off individual nozzles in 50cm part-width sections as the unit approached headlines and other obstacles.

Alternatively, the operator can determine nozzle selection for each part-width section without leaving the cabin.

“This feature is a particularly useful benefit for spraying contractors who often operate across many different tramline systems,” Mr Needham said.

“In practical terms, it allows nozzle selection to be optimally matched to different working widths.”

Standard fittings include LED lighting on each nozzle and the DUS pro high pressure recirculation system.

“DUS pro ensures the spray lines are always filled with a homogeneous mix and are ready to operate at full dose immediately over the entire working width,” Mr Needham said..

“This prevents deposits, blockages and segregation within the spray line, even when the nozzles have been switched off.”

Options include an intermediate kit that enables nozzles to be fitted at 25 cm intervals for high volume application or the target height to be reduced to less than 50 cm.