ARAG offer the perfect retrofit ISOBUS system for Airseeders

Accuracy for seeding operations has greatly improved with the latest release from ARAG able to be retrofitted to all leading badges

For the most accurate application growers are turning to an ARAG ISOBUSAir Seeder system that complies with all the ISOBUS international standards

ARAG is gaining considerable success with its plug and play ISOBUS IBX100 system as growers confirm it offers one of the most accurate Air Seeding placement systems currently available.

As a member of the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation) ARAG sees it as essential that company staff are regular attendants at ‘plugfest’ conferences whenever they are held. Where AEF members can keep abreast of all the latest developments in seeding technology.

ARAG also undertakes regular consultations with tractor manufacturers to ensure its system will work with all Virtual Terminal (VT) displays and the latest release ISOBUS ready implement ECU’s from Sprayer, Spreader and Air-seeder manufacturers.

As a result, when an operator connects an ARAG ISOBUS to a tractor or any implement it will work as required and greatly assist the operator in getting accuracy in each run.

ISOBUS is the accepted future standard as far as integrating tractor technology with implements, and as a result ARAG is fully committed to making its product lines fully ISOBUS compliant.

The ARAG seed rate controller system can retrofit to most towed air-seeders, seed drills and 3-point hitch seeders and can control up to six liquid or granular bins in any combination and operates on all true ISOBUS tractor terminals

Once an operator connects an ARAG air-seeder ISOBUS to the tractor plug and play it unleashes a wide range of possibilities for improving crop returns through more accurate seed and fertiliser placement.

Air-seeder manufacturers are using the ARAG ISOBUS air-seeder system as it offers one fully integrated system, able to control and monitor all functions on an Air Cart.

The hydraulics lift/lower, and master ON/OFF can be easily integrated into the tractor ISOBUS joystick. It requires no other screens or control boxes in the tractor cab, just plug the air cart to the ISOBUS tractor and it will automatically display on the VT Screen.

The operator can use the ISOBUS VT display they prefer for all applications and different operations, allowing the same procedures for starting, creating jobs or tasks, and selecting the autosteering AB lines.

The procedures become familiar to the operator as they are the same whether spraying, seeding, spreading, or planting. ARAG’s Air-seeder ISOBUS displays the same details on all screens, no matter what ISOBUS display is showing.

The ARAG ISOBUS interface is ideal to retrofit to a wide range of farm vehicles and implements and for management of all applications and hydraulic functions directly from the cab

ARAG’s Air-seeder ISO is a committed ISOBUS and can undertake a wide number of functions, depending on the tractor VT display.

These include Auto section control, Headland control, Boundary control, VR Control, End of Row turning, Implement steering, and Head Blockage Monitoring.

The system can monitor multiple vehicles in the paddock at any one time, and as other functions are developed, they are readily able to be added to the ARAG system as they are released in the future.

The ARAG system is highly advanced to the stage where the system can utilise In-cab ISOBUS switchboxes or Joysticks, monitor all ISOBUS alarms to keep the operator informed about all current operations.

An added advantage is that the ARAG ISOBUS can utilise single or multiple VT displays, and the operator can select which VT screen to display the ARAG air-seeder software and pick up the GPS/radar speed on the ISOBUS.

The ARAG ISOBUS system allows the air seeder manufacturer to build the best air seeder technology and this will seamlessly connect to the tractor ISOBUS technology.

ARAG has stated its commitment is to build the best ISOBUS implement control systems, that in turn are able to be seamlessly incorporated into any Tractor ISOBUS system.

ARAG Virtual Terminal (VT)

The ARAG Implement VT is an advanced model, developed by ARAG Australia using an industrial strength 178mm (7-inch) scratch proof colour touchscreen.

The ARAG VT unit allows the operator to perform most functions without the need to access the tractor VT display.

There is no need for the operator to leave the cab with this system and saving time walking between the tractor and the air cart is also much safer. From the cabin it lets the operator know everything required to continue seeding safely and accurately.

The Implement VT is fully integrated into the ISOBUS system, smart enough to detect all functions it only requires one display to be used at a time and updates automatically when filling and calibrating the bins.

Delta70t is the new Arag touch screen monitor with a 178mm (7-inch) colour screen. The ergonomically designed monitor allows you to connect to data networks anywhere and anytime

This allows the operator to monitor and oversee the control of all-seeder functions, whether calibrating bins before seeding or monitoring and checking the air cart during the filling operation.

Important functions that can be performed from the Implement VT include the calibration of all bins. While the PRIME function can be used to check for hose blockages and that all product is being metered correctly.

Through the Implement VT the operator can switch individual sections on and off, along with individual bins to ensure all sections are working as required.

There is also the option to monitor fan speeds and pressures, and lift and lower the openers.

The ARAG ISOBUS air-seeder solution can be ordered as a retrofit for most badges and will upgrade any Air Cart to run the very latest ISOBUS technology and improve accuracy and therefore yields.

For operations ordering a new Air Cart it is recommended to consider adding the ARAG system as it offers the best control and integrated ISOBUS solution available. Contact the experts at ARAG Australia on tel: 08 8359 5377, or email: while further product information can be gained at:

The ARAG ISOBUS ibx100 control system allows the operator to connect and control different implements using the tractor Virtual Terminal (VT) screen for farm spraying, seeding and spreading applications

Arag ISOBUS Air Seeder features:

  1. Control or monitor up to 6 Bins using:
    1. Canbus Electric Motors
    1. PWM Hydraulics
    1. Linear Actuators
    1. Liquid
  2. Monitor:
    1. Bin Levels
    1. 2 Fan Speeds and Pressures
    1. Metering shaft feedback
    1. All alarms and are user settable
  3. Control up to 16 sections and allows section confirmation
  4. Controls Hydraulic Lift, Lower and Fold functions

Additional functions:

  1. Implement VT for the air cart
  2. Integrated Weight Scales for individual bins
  3. Automated Hydraulic sequences