Aussie grain industry market access expands with Grain Sustainability Certification Scheme

The Australian Oilseeds Federation has developed a Grain Sustainability Certification Scheme to help grain growers expand access to international markets.

The scheme was made possible through a $97,500 grant from the Australian Government, from the $5 million Package Assisting Small Exporters (PASE) extension program.

This Grain Sustainability Certification Scheme grant is expected to boost market access opportunities for Aussie exporters selling grains where buyers seek sustainable certified produce.

The project has also produced a grain industry communication and education program to help small to medium sized grain exporters to access markets where sustainability certificates are required.

We know local growers produce world class grains, and the completion of this project gives growers and exporters another boost when it comes to accessing new markets.

The Australian Government says this grant is evidence it is backing our farmers and exporters, and always looking to open more market opportunities for our premium produce to be enjoyed around the world.

Australian Oilseeds Federation President Rosemary Richards said the successful project helps smaller exporters.

“The PASE project enabled smaller exporters to more readily access the growing market for certified sustainable grain,” Ms Richards said.

“Without PASE, these exporters risked missing out on the opportunities available through the growing global demand for sustainable agricultural inputs.”

Further information on the PASE program is available at:

Value of our grains and pulse exports

·       The project has delivered a sustainability certification scheme and a communication and education program to support small and medium grain exporters to access markets where sustainability certification is a requirement.

·       The value of grain, oilseed and pulses exports for 2021-22 is forecast to be $12.5 billion.

·       The Package Assisting Small Exporters was established in 2014-15 to improve market access for small exporters in the dairy, fish, eggs, grain, plant, horticulture, meat and animal industries. The original program supported 58 projects to a total value of $10.45 million.

·       The program was extended in 2019 and in the 2020-21 financial year $4.95 million in grants was awarded for 21 projects to assist small exporters to overcome barriers to market access.