Barnaby Joyce takes a stake to the heart for sake of Nationals back to centre plan

Nationals MP’s voted to roll popular leader for a future that fits with chai tea latte instead of cappuccinos in a world where sensitivity rules – at the moment at least

Nationals MP’s have spoken as Barnaby Joyce continues his roller coaster leadership ride and on this occasion hands the reigns across to the next leader David Littleproud

If you though you knew anything about politics, 2022 has proved everyone making that claim is equal to a rambling lunatic that thinks the Teal party will win the 2025 election, even though it currently doesn’t exist.

The May 2022 Federal election was a turning point in politics without any comparison in the living memory of voters.

A Labor government was elected on the lowest margin of all-time, a mere 32% of the popular vote and only scraped across the line when Greens and other preference added to their dismal tally.

The Coalition of Liberal and Nationals fared just a little better with 35% of the popular vote, but with the luck of the draw, big wins in some seats and big losses in others placed them nowhere near able to form a government.

This scenario that has left us with two failed factors, former Liberal leader Scott Morrison who lost around 20 seats in the House of Representatives, and chose to fall on his sword, and then there was the ever-defiant leader of the Nationals Barnaby Joyce who rightly pointed out his party didn’t lose even one seat.

Taken on that form, perhaps some were surprised when two fellow Nationals informed Barnaby they wanted his job.

Barnaby spent all weekend reminding the general public, and his fellow party colleagues in the process, as to why he was best suited to take the party forward.

Two things stood out, each time Barnaby led the party in an election, there were either seats gained or maintained in the status quo, so why would anyone question his ability to lead.

In the May 2022 Federal election for instance, The Nationals retained all their seats, and in doing so actually gained a significant majority in several, while overall dropping by just 2,5%.

The first contender for Barnaby to lick in this old bull versus young bull contest was MP Darren Chester (Gippsland) at a mere 54 years of age, but with a handy portfolio of Defence appointments under his belt.

Farmers get to see this type of contest every spring. The young bull with the courage to take on the old timer that has served several seasons of mating, with a proven track record.

And it’s well known that farmers are always redescent to change the leading sire for an unknown that may be producing blanks, and Barnaby certainly has anything but blanks in his arsenal.

And while the Darren Chester challenge was unlikely to succeed as implied by Darren himself, the scrutineers were already placing their bets on a final Barnaby Joyce and second contender MP David Littleproud spill to a final contentious conclusion.

In favour of David Littleproud, stated through an outburst, was former Nationals leader Michael McCormack, ousted by Barnaby just prior to the 2022 Federal election. He blamed Barnaby for the Coalition’s devastating loss.

Just how many votes from the former leader’s block would count towards contender David Littleproud, would be the determining factor in this contest.

In the secrecy of The Nationals party chambers in Parliament House at 10am this morning the ballot for leadership was called. Within two hours the fate of the Nationals party leadership was decided.

Then with a short break for tea and biscuits, by 1pm it was revealed Barnaby Joyce was toppled from the top job, and as a result, the next leader of the Nationals Party is former deputy Leader, Member for Maranoa David Littleproud (45-year-old), with Senator Perin Davey (50-year-old)appointed as his deputy, only the second female to hold that post in The Nationals 102-year history.

David Littleproud was quick to stamp his authority on Nationals policies by vowing to take the party back to “the sensible centre” a position he sees as best to support the ailing Liberal party.

And speaking of the Liberal party, they too held their own more subdued leadership vote today where no-one was prepared to challenge Peter Dutton (51-year-old) for the top job, he becomes Opposition Leader while Sussan Ley (60-year-old) secured the post as deputy leader of the Liberal party.