The best way to conserve soil moisture in your next crop cycle

Kuhn’s Excelerator 8005 vertical tillage system is available in 3.3 to 15.2m (11 to 50ft) working widths and delivers high-speed residue cutting and soil mixing in a single pass. It runs on high flotation metric tyres and offers a quick folding cycle for transport

A vertical tillage range released by KUHN Machinery is offering growers an opportunity to harness all the benefits that are derived from increased soil moisture levels.

KUHN’s Excelerator 8005 offers a low impact form of tillage that breaks down crop residue quickly to help create a perfect seedbed.

With this vertical tillage tool it enters and exits the soil on a vertical plane to avoid causing a horizontal shearing or smearing plane in the soil profile, that could potentially lead to a soil density compaction within or below the tillage operation.

The Excelerator 8005 is beneficial for cutting and sizing residue while mixing it with soil to convert it into organic matter for healthier soils and a more uniform seeding environment. It will run just as well in wet soil and helps to warm up cold soil for quicker, more uniform seed emergence.

Gerard Cusack is the NSW Territory Manager for KUHN Machinery and said Spring is the perfect time to observe ground moisture and improve soil fertility. “KUHN soil preparation tools can help farmers maximise the benefits of late season rain for future crop cycles,” Gerard said.

“Vertical tillage, in particular, offers a proven, effective method for minimising rainfall runoff and improving evaporation losses, leading to higher crop yields.” Gerard said KUHN’s Excelerator 8005 provides exceptional residue cutting, soil and residue mixing and seedbed preparation in one pass.

“The physical, chemical and biological condition of soil can have a significant impact on farm income by affecting crop yields. Working with the soil vertically, rather than side-to-side enables moisture to sink into the soil profile, preventing water running off and erosion,” Gerard explained.

“Plants also develop a strong root system with vertical tillage farming and are therefore less susceptible to drought and wind damage.” The Excelerator 8005 Vertical Tillage System also saves times, by utilising an exclusive four-step process to capture and slice, cut and remove, mix and anchor and size and firm.

“True vertical tillage delivers residue cutting and soil mixing without soil shearing or smearing in the critical zone for seed placement and young seedling root development,” Gerard said.

“The Excelerator 8005 is one of the only vertical tillage systems that enables farmers to choose in they want to move soil laterally to fill ruts and smooth fields or leave more residue to meet requirements for highly erodible land (HEL) conditions.”

Gerard said the blades on the Excalibur are designed to meet the challenges of cutting through GMO residue and provide superior seedbed preparation in high residue situations.

The KUHN Excelerator is available in 3.3 to 15.2m (11 to 50ft) working widths and can be ordered now for the 2018 season, with competitive finance options available. For more information and to learn more about the KUHN Excelerator 8005 Vertical Tillage System see