Beverley Hydra Boom sprayers have all broadacre covered

Beverley Hydraboom
With spraying widths out to 50 metres and tank capacities up to 10,000 litres, Beverley Hydra Booms are ready to tackle the biggest spraying jobs

The family owned Beverley Hydra Boom business builds its sprayers in the Avon Valley, Western Australia.

The original Hydra Boom, designed by local farmer David Adams, was revolutionary at the time as instead of manually folding booms it used hydraulics to lift and fold.

That farmer input into the design is still an important part of Hydra Boom’s philosophy. David is still involved in the research and development of the machines, and input from other farmers ensures the end product continues to meet the diverse needs of Australian broadacre farming.

Prior to delivery every machine is given the once over by David and company head Eddie Peart to ensure it meets the company’s high standards.

With a choice of 21 base models, there is a Beverley sprayer to suit every farmer’s needs.

Main tanks range in size up to 10,000 litres, delivering greater productivity thanks to less frequent refilling. Boom width is also very flexible with boom sizes available from 18 to 50m.

“Our aim is to build the product the farmer wants,” Eddie said. “We build to order, enabling every owner to have the machine to suit their circumstances, while still keeping it very simple to operate.”

Machines are fitted with stainless steel 9306 Hypro Pumps that have a proven track record as a reliable pump able to handle Flexi-N, copper, zinc and magnesium.

These pumps only require minimal oil flow from the tractor while maintaining spraying pressure.

After releasing their first rear-steer axle 14 years ago, Beverley Hydra Boom has returned the rear-steer axle to the range of options.

The optional features list is extensive and designed to help farmers meet their requirements.

The company also builds the Hydra Mix, a self-contained batching tank, that can be set up in a fixed location or on a mobile plant.

Available in two tank sizes it can be easily premixed with liquid or dry chemical and left agitating ready to provide a faster fill time of the boomspray.

A Honda Poly Pump provides the drive and mixing, while two four-way taps keep the operation simple.

For further information on Beverley Hydra Boom sprayers call on tel: 08 9646 1218 or see:


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