Big Tyre offers tyres and tracks built with quality rubber

Make sure you are getting what you have paid for with your next tyre and track purchase advises Big Tyre who specialises in quality rubber brands

Big Tyre is the most successful rubber track supplier for agricultural equipment and is the preferred choice for refitting rubber tracks on John Deere, Challenger and Case IH machines

With growers about to embark on a busy Winter season, it’s a time when tyre and track replacements come to the fore and many operators will have to choose between cheap brands or quality products that will cost a little more.

Some brands of tyres and tracks simply last a lot longer than others because of the quality of the rubber used and the secretive science several manufacturers use to attain longevity. But not everybody has the formula. 

High quality rubber formulas are guarded closely to protect the brand name. As you would expect, tyres and tracks built with quality compounds are often more expensive to manufacture. 

Cheap tyres and tracks are cheap not only because they are made in countries with lower wages, but also because they often use lower-quality rubber compounds.

This season, take a closer look at the difference in the rubber compound and consider the cut, tear and abrasion resistance. It needs to be the right hardness, have high stretch capacity and high breaking strength.

Make it through this and many other seasons without a hitch as Big Tyre can supply and arrange fittings for high-quality Trackman and Firestone tracks nationwide

Getting all these qualities shod onto your machine will be worth it even if the original product cost is higher. Because the end result will mean a longer working life with a lower overall running cost.

And probably more importantly, not having the headache and expense of downtime due to a failed product when you need to have your equipment up and running at full pelt in the paddock at busy times throughout the season.

Deal with a trusted supplier

This is where a company such as Big Tyre comes in, while they retail new tyres and tracks, they have also been manufacturing and rebuilding rubber products for nearly 70 years.

Their rebuilds are very popular and sets of tractor tyres that Big Tyre have relugged have been running for over 10 years with still no sign of wearing out.

When it’s time to repair, rebuild or replace tyres, tracks or wheels Big Tyres suggests you should treat it as an investment and buy products built with quality rubber compounds

This is because Big Tyre only use the best rubber available in the industry – and they know a thing or two about making tyres, tracks and wheels.

It’s the attention to detail and quality control that has enabled the company to become the preferred supplier to multiple original equipment manufacturers. Catching the attention of some of the big names in tyres and tracks along the way.

Trackman and Firestone tracks are an example of this, Big Tyre sell these high-quality tracks nationwide. Whether you need to repair, rebuild or replace your tyres, tracks or wheels, spend your money as an investment. Talk to the professionals at Big Tyre to see how we can help you. 

Big Tyre sells new rubber tracks for John Deere, Challenger and Case IH machines, and also rebuilds drives, idlers and mid-rollers for all machines.

For immediate action in getting organised for the season, check out the options between a rebuild or replacing your tyres or tracks on 1300 244 897, or email: or see more at: