BKT flotation tyres for trailers

A handy innovation from tyre manufacturer BKT is a line of specialty flotation tyres designed for use with agricultural trailers of all kinds.

Designed for combined road and paddock usage, the tyres provide minimum impact on the land while also offering stability for heavy loads at transport speeds.

First up in the range is the FL 637 tyre, That is an ideal choice for spreaders, trailers and tankers. Its directional tread design ensures good traction in addition to excellent flotation functions, low rolling resistance and good self-cleaning properties.

The steel-belted structure provides enhanced durability and high load capacity. Next up is the FL 639, that has been designed to spend most of its time in the paddocks. Its non-directional tread ensures excellent traction even when cornering in addition to top self-cleaning functions.

The FL 630 Ultra has similar functions with more lugs, making it suitable for other types of trailers such as tankers and spreaders and ensuring excellent grip on any kind of terrain.

A multipurpose tyre, the FL 630 SUPER has a tread designed use on any kind of land or on the road and increased resistance.

The large contact area on the ground provides good weight distribution on the land resulting in uniform drive and more load capacity.

Meanwhile, the Ridemax FL 693 M is the ideal radial tyre for equipment that frequently travels on the road such as trailers and tank trucks. Mainly designed for on-the-road use this tyre has a speed index class D and can reach up to 65kph.

The Ridemax FL 690, instead, is a multi-ply steel-belted tyre that ensures excellent resistance and great durability.

It is ideal for long transport on the road, and use in the paddocks, with good self-cleaning properties.

For more information call Tradefaire on 03 9271 1700, e-mail: info@tradefaire.com.au or see the full range on the website at: www.tradefaire.com.au


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