BKT Monster Jam champions set six world records for tyres

Thrill seekers now have access to five episodes that tell the story of the spectacular records set by the Monster Jam champions
From the speed challenge to the highest jump here is how BKT tyres helped set world records at the Monster Jam

During an adrenalin-packed show held at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida USA five episodes have been produced that highlight record-breaking performances.

You will see and experience first-hand how the stuntmen and women raced through some of the most spectacular routines to be admitted into the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS.

These records were made possible due to BKT tyres, specifically designed to equal and beat every possible and imaginable record, while guaranteeing the utmost safety for the drivers.

BKT has been the official and exclusive tyre manufacturer of Monster Jam since 2014 and has a result has been the exclusive supplier for all the Monster Trucks in all the events around the world with the BKT MONSTER JAM TYRE.

This the third generation of the Monster Jam-dedicated product in sizes of over 1.67m. Like its predecessors, this tyre is not on general sale, but inspires the production of all the large size tyres that BKT offers for use in specialist environments.

“Our BKT MONSTER JAM TYRE is developed to meet the highest safety standards, at the same time guaranteeing outstanding performance and coping with the mechanical stress caused by the trucks’ breathtaking feats during competitions, says Dilip Vaidya, President and Director of Technology at BKT.

“Monster Jam is a genuine challenge for our products, if BKT tyres can resist these extreme conditions, we can really win in every field and application”.

BKT MONSTER JAM TIYRE was designed to achieve all six records. Let’s take a closer look and discover how the tyre made it possible to reach that goal.

And also click on the video link to see the tyre in fire bursting action.

Record for the highest jump

Krysten Anderson – the first and only woman to drive the Grave Digger Monster Truck – won the title for the highest jump from the ramp, reaching a height of over 10m.

One of the key elements for this type of performance is certainly the weight of the vehicle. BKT helped set the record by further reducing the weight of the BKT MONSTER JAM TYRE, at the same time improving its performance.

During the product development stage, particular care was paid to the design of the tread to guarantee as much traction as possible during the jump.

Another function of this tyre is the rounded shoulder to offer excellent stability, even after landing from a height of 10m.

Watch the full episode here

Speed record

161.433 kph is the record speed reached by Bryce Kenny driving the Great Clips Mohawk Warrior Monster Truck.

To reach this speed, tyres must offer outstanding and extremely high-quality performance, but being above all well balanced. In this case as well, the design of the tread is key in achieving the best possible traction as quickly as possible.

The tyre’s resistance is also essential in making the show a complete success: on accelerating, the vehicle is subject to significant mechanical stress, therefore an optimized tire structure is needed to guarantee uniform performance as the speed increases, also taking account of the overheating and stress to the tyre.

Watch the full episode here

Two donut records in one go

Bari Mussawir with the Zombie™ performed the most consecutive “donut revolutions”, achieving the first record of a total of 58 donuts and the second one of 44 in just a minute.

These are acrobatic tricks which subject the tyres to notable mechanical stress, thus quickly increasing their wear and tear and causing a significant rise in temperature.

For this reason, the BKT MONSTER JAM TYRE has lugs of a specific length and depth which can thus withstand the continuous stress during the rotations. The rounded shoulder facilitates the so-called “drifting” manoeuvres that this stunt entails.

Watch the full episode here

Nose wheelie record

The award-winning Tom Meents achieved the record for the longest nose wheelie with the Max-D™ travelling over 63m on two wheels.

This is a display which puts a particular strain on the vehicle’s front tyres that bear the entire weight of the Monster Truck during the wheelie.

The BKT MONSTER JAM TYRE has been developed to ensure resistance and exceptional traction even when driving on one axis alone.

Because of the tyre print on the flat, this tyre guarantees the vehicle is as stable as possible, thus improving its balance.

Watch the full episode here

Record for the longest jump

Adam Anderson jumped over 8 cars “flying” with the Megalodon and beat all previous records.

Anderson, the five-time world champion, achieved this record with his Monster Truck which is easily recognised due to its shark shape, thus beating the record of seven cars set last year.

Once again it is essential that the tyres guarantee reliability and resistance for the vehicle. In this case, the product’s tyre print on the flat and the rounded shoulder are key in keeping the Monster Truck stable on landing after the jump.

Watch the full episode here


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